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Hi, I have a Cisco 881 version with IOS 15.1. it appears to only  have 1 WAN port (fe4) and 4 layer 2 port 0-3, Is there a way that I can  configure one of the layer 2 ports as a WAN ports for load balancing  and redundancy as we have 2 ISP coming i... by Beginner
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Good day, Thanks in advance for reading this note.I'm about to pull out my hair trying to figure out this problem on ISR G2 1941. I'm running a VRF that uses NAT to access the WAN/Public network. I'm not able to access the WAN/Public network thru NAT...

WillD2013 by Beginner
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Hi,Any help here on below logs,Apr 23 12:59:50.778 CST: BGP: Performing BGP general scanningApr 23 12:59:50.778 CST: BGP(0): scanning IPv4 Unicast routing tablesApr 23 12:59:50.778 CST: BGP(IPv4 Unicast): Performing BGP Nexthop scanning for general s...

I have a configuration of:(PE Router) ------ (CE Router) ------ (Nexus 5k) ------ (ASA5525-X)The PE, CE, and Nexus are all participating in BGP, when my VPN traffic hits the ASA I have to have static routes configured to all my WAN sites for them to ...

username R3 password CHAPint s0/0/1encapsulation pppppp authentication chapip address nat insideclock rate 64000no shutdownexit--------------------------------username R1 password CHAPint s0/0/1encapsulation pppppp auth...

Hi everyone,My company has a very large global network and we have decided to move from traditional crypto map site-to-site tunnels to VTI based IPSec tunnels.  In order to organize the numerous tunnels and the sites they correspond to, we have desig...

I have a 5915 router.  Trying to configure multicast to pass.  I have implemented different version of the configuration, but the attached is the latest and suggest by CCIE support.  I have a Java program on one side of the router that pulls the mult...

We are in the process of switching MPLS providers and I am looking for some advice on configuration at our head end.  We need the head end router to run both MPLS networks at the same time and then we will switch our remote offices one at a time.Here...

8) Refer to the exhibit. With the ip classless command issued, what will router R2 do with a packet destined for host the packetB)send packet out Serial 0/0/1C)send packet to network packet out FastEthernet 0/0      ...

S9539245H by Beginner
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hi everybodyI have a questionI have a site whereby I have 2 wan links, back to a datacentreI want certain traffic to go over 1 link and certain traffic over the other link.How can I make 1 route to be prefererred to the other just for certain routes ...

Hi all,I see these errors on my 6500 router which acts as my server farm and has hundreds of servers connecting to it. I have just taken over these routers from another guy and think the errors may have been there for quiet awhile.  I have another ro...

I am looking for a way to load share between two ISP links. ISP-A is in ospf area 0 and isp-B is in BGP.  there is distance manipulation on bgp so that ospf is always used as primary. at main location we are doning bgp to ospf redistribution.if more ...

swami0082 by Beginner
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Resolved! BGP routing

Hi Guys, I have a doubt on ip route which advertise by BGP. When I show ip route and the specified ip route not showing. Is it the subnet in the ip prefix and ip route must be tally? Wish anyone can pinpoint where was the wrong config i did.  Here is...

Chin by Beginner
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