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PPP T1 connection

Hello all, I've a question about a T1 set up that I'm working on.  I'm attempting to use a 2901 router with a purchased T1 HWIC and that will go as a Point to Point (Lease line) connection back to the local network where it will connect to an adtran ...

Cisco 6500

HiI want run IPV6 multicast routing on Cisco 6506 device, I know i can activate IPv6 multicast routing globally but , Is it possible to run ipv6 multicast routing on interface vlan XXXX ?Please send me documents ...Thanks

RATE-LIMIT by IP Address

We have many users streaming video from the Internet which is consuming high bandwidth and making legitimate workers suffer. I'm looking to implement rate-limit on a Internet facing router to guarantee any IP address will not consume more than 512000...

dpinard by Beginner
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Resolved! Blackhole

Hi, Can some one explain about "BLACKHOLE" in ip routing and when do we use this option For Ex :  ip route Null0 254 name  BLACKHOLE Pls explain like above command...                 

Resolved! Which BGP show command for internal prefix count?

I have two routers (R1 and R2); R1 has the full BGP table and some local connections to. They are all being advertise to it's iBGP neighour R2. I can't find a command that I can run on R2 that will show the number of prefixes learnt from R1 that are ...

jwbensley by Beginner
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Need assistance in EIGRP Leak Maps

I tried to implement eigrp leak-maps and did not work ..need your help_______________________________________________DMVPN Spoke router  interface Tunnel1description XXXXXbandwidth 1024ip address ip redirectsip mtu 1400ip nh...

module problem on 6500 series

Hi,we have two 6509 catalyst. we bought two new SFM-capable 16 port 1000mb GBIC/WS-X6516A-GBIC module. but our catalysts doesnt support them. we don't know the reason. we tried on another 6500 series catalyst they are the outputs from our...

Zikosenpay by Beginner
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Router outage mystery

Yesterday our customer lost internet connectivity on their lease line at about 4:30pm. After about an hour the router was rebooted and internet connectivity was restored. The customer is requesting an RFO (reason for outage).Upon looking at the cisco...

How to block BitTorrent on ASA

Hello Gus,We have many clients who are misusing our company bandwidth by downloading files through BitTorrent. i tried alot to block it but no luck.Can anyone intruct me on how to block it on ASA device ?