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Resolved! STP Query

Hi All,I have got 5 switches connected in star topology. The main switch to which rest of four switches connects is 3550 and running RSTP. Rest of the four switches are 3560X and running standard STP (IEEE). These four switches are all user facing in...

eBGP configuration under sub-interface

Hello folks,Once again I have come with a question I would be happy if anyone can help out with.I have been tasked to configure eBGP with a PE router. According to the provider they have asked that a sub-interface be configured under the physical int...

ASR 1002-F bridging problem

I have Cisco router ASR 1002-F on which I have created two subinterface, Gigabitethernet 0/0/1.333 and Gigabitethernet 0/0/2.111. I try to bridge those two subinterface but no success. I can create bridg-group and everything needed but I can not  add...

Could someone tell me if can use a HSRP virtual IP address as a GRE tunnel termination end point address

            Could someone tell me if   you can use a HSRP virtual IP address as a GRE tunnel termination end point address. I think it may be possible but I have heard that it is not supported. So my question is two fold can you do it if so are there...

pollybaggy by Beginner
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OSPF Routes are not showing on routing table

OSPF route is not comming on Routing table of 3925 routers.Diagram is as belowLan1>>>>>>>>>>FW1---------------3925routerA==============3925routerB------------FW2>>>>>>>>>>Lan2FW1 & RouterA are localy connected .RouterB & FW2 localy connected.Between ...

Dhruba pal by Beginner
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How to test ICMP time-exceeded

hi all,i had a client request to block ICMP request on their 1841 WAN link. i've got ACL hits for ACE 170 but not for 171.can someone advise how to test or simulate for ICMP time-exceeded? is this TTL related and is there a DOS command or any way to ...

Rate limit incoming DNS Queries?

So we've got a 3725 with the ADVSECURITY IOS, and I've been asked to look at something i'm unfamiliar with.  Perhaps you guys would know.Is there a way I can rate-limit incoming packets (DNS Queries to be exact, but it shouldn't really matter) coming...

Ask the Expert:Troubleshooting Memory and High CPU Related Issues on CISCO Integrated Services Routers (ISR-G2), 7200 (NPE-G1, NPE-G2)

With Srikanth Babu and Vishnu AsokWelcome to the Cisco Support Community Ask the Expert conversation. This is an opportunity to learn and ask questions about common symptoms, causes of memory and high CPU related issues and how to troubleshoot the sa...

QOS Input policy

Hi, May I know what is the config for service-policy input? I want to applied QOS output and input on the voice gateway/router. We monitored the Polycom and router both input and output. These are the configurattions we have made:class-map match-any ...

Clock slips on VWIC-2MFT in 2811

Hi All -I have a 2811 that I'm in the process of turning-up to support a 4xT1 using VWIC-2MFT-T1's. The question is how to "correctly" set clocking on the MFT's.As is typical of the 2MFT's, as soon as a 2nd T-1 on a VWIC-2MFT comes up, I start takin...

mpervere by Beginner
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