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Resolved! BGP de-aggregation

What is the best way to de-aggregate a prefix in BGP?  By which I mean I have a /22 prefix in my network, let us say, but my BGP peer will only accept /24 routes from me.  So I need to split it up into,, 192....

Hi everyone,Trying to use GNS3 for lab tutorials, but it crashes when more than 3 routers is being used, the message I got on all routers: (Router Name) - Network error: Connection refused! - (inactive) - [Restart in 5s]And keep restar...

zaidangel by Beginner
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Hi,I am testing a Multicast scenario in which multicast will be tunnelled accross the Point to Point GRE Tunnels. RP will have GRE tunnel towards the CPEs in source and client sites and will be running MBGP accross the GRE tunnel (Attached the diagra...

anilrs3 by Beginner
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What is the best choice of ip ospf network type to use to run OSPF over global (15 sites) VPLS network?My understanding is:ip ospf network:P-t-m n-b – no DR/BDR election, neighbor command required, partial mesh adj, non-optimal traffic flowP-t-m     ...

tbogucki1 by Beginner
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HI Guys, I have been tearing my hair out all day over an issue and I am hoping that you can help.I need to redirect web traffic to an external symantec proxy server ( have tried to do this through a PBR but I am not hitting the Syman...

krugar100 by Beginner
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I understand that the ASA's interfaces can only be configured as a point-to-point link for OSPF. When we were on the phone with Cisco, the engineer said to run multiple OSPF areas and we should be good. It doesn't matter if I create mulitple areas or...

baskervi by Beginner
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Hi all,I'm looking for a book for studying QoS in details.What I found is "Implementing Cisco Quality of Service (QoS) v2.2 Volumes 1&2". I believe it was published for quite some times already.Any recommendations ?thanks all in advance

Hi all,I tried to configure HSPA+7 module in Cisco 2901. After configure profile and setting, it prompted the following console message and no further debug message for chat nor modem.Can anyone advise it?Thansk!Paul Au===============================...

When I configured the vpc keep alive link using mgmt 0 interface  I found no issues and it worked perfectly.  The only concern with this  is that its only one link and if something happens to it the VPC Keepalive would fail.I checked some guides and ...

Hi, I have problem with WS-X6724-SFP module in C6506EWhen i doing diagnostic in this module i have error:SZCMDC1-6506#diagnostic start module 1 test appllModule 1: Running test(s) 13 will require resetting the line card after the test has completedMo...