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  HII have Two Router ( A,B) and Two Switch (C,D) and Two Firewall ( E,F). ALl the ISP are connect to my Router.Between router running HSRP.  At present sceniro : Router A , B connect to Switch C,D  ( A-C, B-D) and From Switch ( C,D) connect to Firew...

duke by Beginner
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Guys we have to provide a solution with limited resource (hardware) we have a ASA firewall , 3750 switch and a packetshaper.ASA -----> packet shaper------> 3750The issue is that customer has asked us to have port-channel from ASA to 3750......packet ...

in test sample below everithing works correctly as expected  , but problem is that if i change route-map dst   "set ip next-hop "  to "set interface fastethernet 1/0"than i am loosing conection to that i want to chang...

Hello everyone,here is a brief description of a problem:On a Cisco 7600 with SUP720 BXL sudden increase of CPU utilization (from 35% to 98%) appeared.This utilisation happend and still happens on the SP CPU (not RP) and it is interrupt based. router-...

Hello All,I have an issue where I have a router with 2 Wan exit points.  I have setup IPSLA to roll from a 3G connection to a Vsat connection if the 3G internet path is unavailable.  All looks ok and I get reliable route updates in the route table fo...

davidfield by Participant
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Hello,I was ready the document on bgp address aggregation (summarisation) to find why some routes are still advertised while there is a aggregate command that should cover them. Apparently it was beceause the "summary-only" was missing.Syntax: aggreg...

                   Hi Guys, can someone confirm if HWIC-1ADSL-M can be used on a 1941 router? The situation i have is one where 2 x WAN links are terminated on 1 x 1941 router. Primary link is 2M SHDSL and secondary is 512k best effort DSL.

Hello!I have a question about Local Preference.As you can see at the picture below i have 2 routers connected via two fastethernet links. Both routers running BGP. R1 (AS 65100) and R2 (AS65000).R1 got a loopback interface with the IP address

Henrikp92 by Beginner
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hello iam working on setting up a 1911 router with a EHWIC-3G-HSPA+7.I have searched different guides for how to set this up. Config looks like this. chat-script hspa "" "AT!SCACT=1,1" TIMEOUT 60 "OK"!interface Loopback1 ip address 255.255...

Hi, I would like to know how to check if we support bgp MD5 password and how to do the config. I tried to enter the password given to me but it always encrypt as password 7. Also, how to do I check how many IPv4 and IPv6 prefixes we advisertised. Tha...

I'm new in Cisco. I want to allow all outgoing traffic and deny all untrusted incoming traffic using ACL (laptop represents untrusted network). I used OSPF routing protocol. What should I do in this scenario ? Thank you.

DragonFist by Beginner
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I installed m0n0wall in a virtualized environment, i have 10 PCs connected to a router ( which connect them to the internet through PPPoE, the problem is that this router does not have a QoS so what i want to do is the following :-let...

Hi,  I have a question on bgp-rip interaction. Your help is highly appreciated. I have following topology.|R1|------|R4|-----|R2|R1 and R2 are having route  learned by some other means(not from R4) which is out of this question.EBGP sess...