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Prefix-list in BGP

Hi,In our cisco 1841 there are two ISP MPLS link.what dose mean the below configuration.what is the use of prefix-list??how it is works??ip prefix-list BSNL-LANROUTES seq 5 permit prefix-list BSNL-LANROUTES seq 10 permit

failover between Cisco routers

Dear Experts,I have 2 Cisco routers 3945. Use HSRP for links failover. Does exist any possibility (any protocol) which makes routers configuration's automatic synchronization (as failover for ASA firewalls)?I mean, if I will make any configuration ch...

User VPN through secondary internet

Hello,I've got a problem that I'm hoping is simple for someone out there!We have an ASA 5520 in production with a brand new internet feed we've just finished installing. We connect to our corporate office via a VPLS. In our corporate office we have a...

BGP Route Selection for Single Prefix

How can I manipulate incoming traffic from a specific prefix from my ISP to come through my other ISP to elevate the traffic on my 1 peer router?I have the following setup:ISP-A                              ISP-B   |                                  ...


Ok so this is my first time dealing with CISCO. I am enrolled in CISCO 1 and I am having trouble with one specific part. How do you Assign an IP address and an network mask for an interface? And hhow do you assign an IP address, Netmask, and a gatewa...

Resolved! 1T3/E3

I have a 1t3/e3 card in a new 2951. When I statred the router, I found no interface corresponding to this module when do "show ip interface brief"any idea?thanks,Han


Hi Netprohow many module like NM-8CE1T1-PRI the 3945 support,i m looking to have 24 E1 Cards on the same router (3) of NM-8CE1T1-PRI,is it possible?Thanks

Ibrahim Jamil by Frequent Contributor
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BGP with two ISPs and private AS

HiAssume I have two sites, each have two routers and two ISPs providing MPLS VPN service to me. Site routers use OSPF two exchange routes. ISP offer BGP as PE-CE routing protocol with the use of private AS numbers.So here are my thoughts about the wh...