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Hello ,I would be happy to have your help on this issue because I have trying for a lot of time to find a quick and easy solution, which unfortunately, I can not find. I'm trying to write a simple script with which new employees, who have no knowledg...

Hi Mates,Bit confussed for some of the routes get the timer period changed . show ip ospf output provided below:WANEDGE-#sh ip route  …………………..  Routing entry for  Known via "ospf 300", distance 110, metric 1, type extern 2...

Hi at allI have a router (R0) cisco connect with one interface e0 to network (inside) and one interface e1 to network (outside).On the inside network there are many host that receive the ip and def-router from dhcp serve...

Resolved! Advice on MPLS

I have a Uni project, there is 5 sites connecting to a central site but all sites must be able to communicate. I think MPLS is probably the best way to do this right? Basically im wondering how MPLS products, such as BT's IP Clear, is delivered. How ...

liamelder by Beginner
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Not sure how to accomplish this, and I've been beating on it for a few days. My knowledge of IOS is increasing, but still limited in scope so I'm hopeful someone can help me out I've got a Cisco 1811 router with FastEthernet0 plugged into a cable mo...

sbrown6079 by Beginner
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Hi,we are running about 10 ASR1002-F as IPSEC Concentratorswith IOS  (PPC_LINUX_IOSD-ADVENTERPRISEK9-M), Version 15.1(2)S2, RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc1)Now we are getting on some of our ASRs, the following syslog outputs, in a quite regular base:Mar   6 08...

eddschulz by Beginner
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Hi, I have one doubt from many days. In case IGRP, EIGRP, BGP we will specify autonomous system number. But coming to RIP and OSPF we don't specify autonomous system number. If this is the case, either RIP or OSPF belongs to which autonomous system h...

Has anyone sucessfully implemted Internet Load Balancing with OER with help of following config. example by cisco yes please check my config . Somet...

Hey everyone,Another question regarding my university project.I am insisting using layer 2 connectivity between the HQ and 5 branch offices as point-to-multipoint but before I can implement this solution I need to understand the equipment that the IS...

JohnNarey by Beginner
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Hi Expertsour organization is connected to two different ISPs , the 1st ciruit is 16 MB while the 2nd Circuit is 8 MB  both circuit are terminated in different routers underlying 2900 , the organization own an AS Number along with class C address  ha...