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Resolved! Getting a DS-3 online with 3945 and NM-1T3/E3

I am configuring my DS-3 and can't seem to get it to come online. My SP is telling me the circuit is online and ready to go.When I do a sh controllers T3 here is what see: T3 1/0 is downApplique type is Subrate T3Transmitter is sending remote alarmRe...

ddevecka by Beginner
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Rommon upgrade issue

Hi,Sorry if my question dummy.I'm going to upgrade rommon image,according to "

D_Lebedev by Participant
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ASR1006 Router Problems

Hello,I have a problem with my router ASR1006, come the following errors in the log, I could say it means.Dec  9 17:50:11: %QFPOOR-4-LOWRSRC_PERCENT: F0: cpp_ha:  QFP 0 IRAM resource low - 98 percent depleted Dec  9 17:50:22: %CPPOSLIB-3-ERROR_NOTIFY...

3925E Wont Adress translate

Hello i have a couple of 3925E routers running HSRP both internaly and externaly. I cant get them to NAT the traffic though. They just route it out. I also tried to connect via VPN to se if that worked and it didnt. Im poundering where im going wrong...

Routing to two ISPs using one router

I have a design issue.  I need to route traffic to two different ISPs using one router.  We have two ISPs and I need to route important traffic over one and recreational traffic over the other.  My thoughts were to have an 1811 router connected to th...

Ronnie Ali by Beginner
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BFD neighbors down

Hi guys,i have problem with BFD. BFD neighbors are permanently down. No way to bring them up.Setup:Two routers (TTR255 - 2911and IBR255 - 3945(HWIC FE)) are connected via one ethernet link. Routing protocol EIGRP. Routers are configured for VRF-lite ...

pslovinsky by Beginner
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Need help in configuring Soho 91

Hello,I am relatively new to Cisco CLI and on the diagram that I am attaching I want the 2008 server to do DHCP for everything behind E0 on the Soho 91.  I have tried multiple configs and I seem to get close but never quite get it.  I am thinking tha...

BC1239800 by Beginner
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NAT ip-Doubt

Hi all,In a network a PIX firewall is connected to the site's core switch. It has two IPs-one is LAN ip and the other is NAT ip. Which IP(NAT or real ip) must be used to check the status of the firewall from the core switch by ping command?Thanks.

OTV Site Limit

Is there any limit on the number of sites (layer 2 domain) that can be extended by OTV?  It seems not mentioned in the configuration manual.Thanks!

3alee by Beginner
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Resolved! dsl modem'ip and defaultgateway

Hi everyoneHow is everyone doing?  I use DSL for Internet-connectivity.While tinkering with Modem,  I was shocked to find  that  ip address assigned by isp to my modem is not on the same subnet as its default gateway.home-lan-------qwestmodem  ----DS...

sarahr202 by Contributor
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Resolved! GRE tunnel and ip address

Hi everybodyLet say we have two routers,R1 and R2 connected via internet as shown below:R1 s0/0-------------internet----------------S0/0 R2R1s0/0 ip address       loopback 1 s0/0 ip address        loo...

sarahr202 by Contributor
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Dear all , hope you are fine !!please i have a big issue since three days , and i couldnot solve it .the problem :i installed a new cisco switches 3560 in my Network , and i made the configuration as shown below ( sw 1  ) ,its connected to the core s...

Engr.Night by Beginner
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