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I recently ran into some problems concerning the use of a Cisco layer 3 switch (3560) as an Internet edge device to perform a simple static route between the customers network and the ISP POP router.  Although this device can perform the routing at t...

Resolved! VLAN's Issue

Hi Guys , i have a few questions:1)Why do 2 PC's on different subnets but on the same vlan cant ping each other ?2)Why do 2 PC's on different VLANs but on same subnet cant ping each other ?I know that Vlans segmenting subnets.My question concerns mor...

Hi there,We are about to move our IT rack to a data centre and will be adding a new Layer 3 (Catalyst 3560) switch beyond our ASA 5510 which will be providing our existing WAN plus another SVI which will be carrying our HSRP range.I have never config...

Hi allAm I right in saying that you need BGP for MPLS vpn's ?why do we need BGP for this, what does BGP do that the other IGP's cant , as you can use VRF's with Eigrp?Hope someone can explain this to me ?cheersCarl

I have a customer using a 100 Mbps Ethernet circuit and I need a router that can handle that type of throughput. Is it possible to give me the algorithm you guys use to figure this out with concurrent services of Voice, NAT, Encryption?

scollins34 by Beginner
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Hello again Guy'sIm trying to get PFR working and having a few issues in lab enviroment, I am currently just looking to get a basic PFR fast failover to, upon which i can build further policies/labs. But alas i am having little luck......

neil grant by Beginner
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Hi.I want to monitor my 7200's CPU packets per second rate.Any command i can run to show this?Or any MIB so I can poll this?7200 NPE-G1 can handle 1mpps.And i want to verify the actual rate.thanks

ar by Beginner
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Resolved! Nat Help Needed

Hello all,I need to nat one of my global IPs to an internal IP, and I also need to forward the ports 1720 and 60000-60001 for tcp, and ports 60000-60007 for udp.(119.x.x.26 address to you please tell me if the config below is correc...

Hello All,I am sorry to ask you a small question but I tried it seems doesnt worked out.My Setup:I have a Lab with subnet  and  Internet Broadband connection with wireless router with 4 lan ports, dhcp enabled clients generally get 19...

Chts by Beginner
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Hi , Please, somebody explain what happened if I receive the following message:What means this log message ? %CLNS-5-ADJCHANGE: ISIS: Adjacency to host (TenGigabit xx) Down, neighbor forgot us %CLNS-5-ADJCHANGE: ISIS: Adjacency to host (TenGigabit x...