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Resolved! Redistribution EIGRP, OSPF, and RIP

I am pursuing to get my Cisco certification and mainly I use GNS3 for my lab study. Unfortunately it didn't go as smooth as I expected due to its requirement of memory that drainage the PC's resource. Finally, I decided to buy my own racks for my lab...

arifdatau by Beginner
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GRE Tunnel won't come up?

Hi, I'm having a bit of a strange issue getting a single GRE tunnel to come up between my head office and a remote site. I'll be the first to admit, I'm quite new to new to setting up vpn's and the like so forgive me if I'm missing anything painfully...

Chrisb6122 by Beginner
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BGP - Control advertisement/prefix

Just need to know your expert opinion on this.I have 2 provider independent prefixes advertised to our current 3 ISPs (ISP-A, ISP-B, ISP-C) via BGP. And I have another separate ISP (ISP-D) with its own IP prefix (ISP owned prefix) running default rou...

ciscomanx by Beginner
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800 Series Router Autosense atm pvc

Hi,I'm planning to configure these devices for different ISP.Some of which use snap and some use mux, the router is the one will start the connection and will always be on, untill there is a power cut, if there is. At this point when the power comes ...

DCD down

Hello techs,Serial is down/down, and just dcd is down with DCD=down DSR=up DTR=up RTS=up CTS=up.Below is diagram:CE-------NTU----Wirless disk---------------Wirless Disk---PETwo months the line was very unstable with input errors, crc errors and carri...

get_rthym by Beginner
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EIGRP: Feasible Distance Vs Reported Distance

According to DocID # 16406  -Feasible distance is the best metric along the Path ( [10,000,000 /BW]+Delay) ]x256 on this particular example Figure 3  Cost for this path is 46277376 through router 4 and 20307200 through Router 3.And the  Reported Dist...

nruiz by Beginner
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Problem with ADSL and 3G backup route

Hi,I have a problem with my ADSL and 3g backup routing.The router has the ADSL and 3G connections available on bootup.The router uses the ADSL as the first choice and then the 3G when the ADSL is down.This part is working correctly. When the ADSL lin...

mikebunton by Beginner
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EIGRP distribute-list issue

Hi all,I have an issue, I have got a remote router that has got two links which terminate on the same Edge router (I know its not best practice but i couldn't avoid it). The remote router has two GRE tunnels to the Edge router.I want to prevent a par...

ayokunles by Beginner
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Using interface standby track Commands

I have enquries for the interface tracking to the WAN connection. Below is the case scenario. I have 2 routers (router A and router B) that running HSRP with OSPF connect to remote side router (router C and router D) seperately. If the interface for ...

ASR 1001 Unexpected output drops

Hi EveryoneI have an issue with an ASR 1001. The problem occurs with MQC shaping applied to a gigabit interface in the outbound direction. The CIR of the provider we are using is 100Mb/sec, so we are shaping to that value. However when reported traff...

michael.h4 by Beginner
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C3KX-NM-1G card ?

HiI am confused regarding this card C3KX-NM-1G.My customer need 12 SFP Port and some Ethernet Port for connect to router.Switch is 3750X-12S-S --This switch have 12 Giga SFP Module now if select C3KX-NM-1G then Client get 4 Ethernet Port ? for connec...