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I Have a number of Cisco 897VA's. I have configured service-policy output QOS-897-WAN-OUT-PARENT on G8. However when i try to configure it on G0 as well it fails with the following error.#service-policy output QOS-897-WAN-OUT-PARENTConfiguration fail...

Hello,I have a STB which need to access to file on the router.Because I replaced the ISP Routeur by a CISCO one I need to redirect port 80 coming from STB to Router (which is a default gateway) to a local HTTP server.STB : : 192.168...

trucicator by Level 1
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Hi, I have my switch core connect to my sdwan router. My branchs are addressed with this block but i have some servers using this network Static route on sw core:ip route SDWAN ROUTER IP When i...

interface Dialer1mtu 1480bandwidth 6000ip address negotiatedip nat outsideip virtual-reassembly inzone-member security outsideencapsulation pppip tcp adjust-mss 1400dialer pool 2dialer-group 2ppp authentication chap pap callinppp chap hostname sakkhr...

lakhwaraa by Level 1
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Hi all,i have an interesting issue with asr 1006 and cgnat. Happends once per 2-3 months.The customers reporting issuew with browsing. The need to refresh page in browser several times to load the page. The speedtests are ok, ping are ok, no packet l...

divadko by Level 1
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Hey Guys,So i must do dynamic routing with the protocol RIPv2 on the packet tracer. I can't find the issue. Notebook 1 can communicate with Router1 only not Router2 and Provider2. Notebook 2 can communicate with Router 1 such as Router 2 and Provider...

kuzukaan by Level 1
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I have the following scenario:Lets suppose the switch is an ISP that provides a VPLS service to connect the 3 routers so they can established an ISIS neighbor relationship. I want to make sure that the traffic from one PE to another PE goes first to ...


Hi Cisco Community,I would appreciate some troubleshooting or advice. For reference, please check my simple network map attached to this post.The Problem: I cannot ping my DHCP Server / Router ( through the client PC even when manually a...

V-lan by Level 1
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2 computer rooms, 2 lecture rooms, server room, wifi for students and a separate one for teachers. This is the project i need to do. Maybe is someone who can help me. I've already done most of it, I can't get on with the wifi part. i dont know how to...

Stevegood by Level 1
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HelloI have video flow udp://ip@port injected on vlanx switch cisco 9200 witch differents vlanthis switch is connected to topology until switch core 9500 i want to view ud://ip@port in another vlany who can ping hosts under vlanx (who content video s...

kingstdz by Level 1
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