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Hi everyone,what are the function of these licenses and in what scenerio can we use them?SL-29-DATA-K9 Data License for Cisco 2901-2951SL-29-UC-K9 Unified Communications License for Cisco 2901-2951SL-29-SEC-K9 Security License for Cisco 2901-2951brsa...

rahman001 by Beginner
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Hello, can any one assist me on how to deploy BGP on a network with two different ISP. ISP A has a client router on the network and ISP B serve as backup with a client router on the same network, which made router A and B. The client wanted a situati...

Hi,I was configuring SVIs into a non-default VDC and the following message appeared:Non-routable VDC modeThw switch is configured with many trunks passsing traffic from all the vlans.Output:------------------------------------------------------------...

Hi, I'm hoping someone could point me in the right direction. I work for a very small company so it's down to me to do everything technical, now whilst new things usually come down to me looking on youtube, the current problem has stumpted me totally...

Ok, hoping someone out there is creative and hoping I don't have to add more equipment.Here's the situation:ME3400E <-- Carrier w/ Tag 590 --> ME3400EThe question is... is there *any* way to run QinQ over tag 590 where the ME3400s are able to utilize...

Resolved! IP SLA Questions

All- I configured the IP SLA monitor for tracking the remote site' up/down status. 1) I want to stop the IP SLA monitor operating after detecting the site up for aobut 10 minutes or maybe 10 pings. 2) This IP SLA monitor should continue functioning f...

Joe Lee by Beginner
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How Eigrp works??What does mean no auto-summary and passive interface command??Anyone explain me briefly to understand.And also explain me how OSPF works??

kumarpmt83 by Beginner
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Hey Guys,I'm trying to use a Sup6-E to do some intelligent shaping. I'm getting an error and I think its because of the architecture of the 4500 QoS. Most likely this type of QoS is not supported so I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on how to i...

Hi,I just purchased one of each of the above, both with 1ea WIC 1DSU-T1, and would like to connect them directly to each other in a lab scenario.  Do I need to have an RJ48 cable or will an RJ45 work?  I have them connected now, but they are not seei...

millerlw by Beginner
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Hello,I want to ask: Can we build a Wide Area Network (WAN) that connects multiple LANs in a star topology where the connection between the central location (the Hub) and each LAN is a direct link? How can this be achieved? Also, what is the differen...

soosoo-00 by Beginner
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SUP 2T Compatible with WISM ? On the Data Sheet the Sup 2T claims to support with the WISM  tried to configure in Dynamic Configuration Tool came back as incompatible with  each other  on a 6513-e chassis.

techdata by Beginner
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Hi All,Looking for a little advise on BGP advertisements. I have two ISPs and several prefixes I'm advertising. One of the prefixes is a /22 and I'd like to advertise one of the /24's inside of that /22 out one provider and the entire /22 out both pr...