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I recently bought a new Cisco WRVS4400N router for our network which has 19 computers connected to a 24 port switch.  We are currently using a D-Link router and are upgrading to the Cisco router.  The problem I am having is as soon as I connect one o...

HiI will be connecting some clients directly to switchports.But I`m really sceptical to do this, as it may create problems in my network.The clients will connect to client VLANs with /25 mask, and use public IPs through DHCP or static IP.I`m planning...

perpaal by Beginner
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I have a situation where I am using a vrf to isolate subnets from the default system.    It has been working well internally and over MAN connections using eigrp.   Now I have to do this over the MPLS system we have.     We are the end-user of the MP...

cgarringer by Beginner
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Hello Everyone,Almost all of my routers IOS are runnig version 12.4 (3825 & 2811)Are there any benefits of upgrading the IOS to the latest version? Any comments will be greatly appreciated.ThanksAlfred

dacruzer1 by Beginner
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Facing the attached picture, which are pro and cons in having a gateway in an MPLS NNI option a instead of having a direct PE-to-PE connection ?I've an idea but I'd like to share with experts...Tks

HelloI have a Cisco 877 doing PPPoE through a ISP supplied modem that is in bridge mode (long story).  When the DSL drops on the modem it takes around 5 to 10 mins for the 877 to redial the connection.  Is there anything that can be done to adjust th...

Hello, Am setting up the below topology ------- ----lan----                                           |                                            |                                 ...

Hi All, Am trying to test the below network Internet 154.x.x.249 ------------154.x.x.250 router --------LANAm trying to host an FTP server in LAN so users from internet can access it below is my configinterface FastEthernet0/0 description lan  ip add...

Resolved! OSPF: Fast Hellos

Hello everyone,I know the rule: all ospf timers should be the same on all network segment.  But it looks like, I can move step by step (interface by interface) to fast hellos (ip ospf dead-interval minimal hello-multiplier 5) without any issues with ...

kozorezdi by Beginner
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First off let me say that I'm not a network engineer, network admin or anything like that.  I have a company that is in a dilema.  The customer has 3 locations connected with broadband radios.  There was a large storm that moved thru this past spring...

chadm1993 by Beginner
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folksi have a quick query on rate limiting i have a two tier firewall architecture with a 3rd party hanging off an interface on the internal firewall and the internet off my external firewalli want to limit the 3rd party to 2mb in/out on my internet ...

HiWe have a WAN link connected to Gigabit interface of the routers. I am able to see that the interface are up on both the routers and are clean.I am also able to see one router in the CDP neighbor but I am not able to see otherwise.( Router A can se...