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VRF Lite scalability question

Hi,Imagine organization has about 300 partners. Currently data center has 100 Cisco 1800 routers to accept P2P connections for each partner.Now organization proposal is:- Use MPLS and use an extranet network. Advertise a certain unique route to each ...

news2010a by Participant
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MTU Size in GRE

Hi, I am running GRE Tunnel in Hub and Spoke with OSPF. All branches connected to Hub with MPLS layer 3 cloud. But few times users complain about the network disconnection for outlook and other applications. Now one branch users continously complain ...

Resolved! why the 1841 router can't enter the IOS?

when I start the router , I can't enter the IOS , and it enther the ROMMON mode , the error display probably is : the flash is invalid.I want to import an new IOS into the flash, but it says the space is not I confirm the flash is broken?I...

NAT Setup ( To ping from outside to Inside)

Hello,I am trying to configure the NAT to be able to ping from  hosts placed in  Outside network to Inside networkand also hosts placed in inside network should be reachable to outside hosts  .This entire scenario is for Private network  connecting t...

Resolved! Cisco 2911 doubts

Dear all,Please provide your valuable feedback on my below query.I'm planning to connect 2 offices, and due to security reasons i need to have content security also. I'm planning to have 2911 Security bundle in both the offices. Link will be E1.I don...

Filtering eigrp routes in DMVPN

How do we control eigrp route advertisement in a multipoint GRE Tunne. On static GRE+IPSec tunnels we can associate distribute-list to a particular tunnel and filter out routes to particular site. How do we do that in DMVPN network.

alif by Beginner
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Catalyst 6509 QoS / Rate Limiting config question

Two questions here:I have used the following basic configuration to do rate limiting on a vlan interface on a 6509:access-list 100 permit ip any anyclass-map match-all ratelimit  match access-group 100policy-map ratelimit-10Mb  class ratelimit   poli...

Resolved! Going borderless?

I keep seeing discussions and posts on Cisco Facebook groups about "Going borderless" and "The Borderless Challenege". Can someone describe for me in a nutshell what that _actually_ means? I'm a litle confused.

input / output drops

Hello,I have this topology in part of my networ:k Cisco7200---Cisco6500---Cisco3560---LAN1                        |                 Cisco3560                        |                     LAN2All devices are interconected via optical 1Gb/s links. Ther...

Help with 3640 and 2912-xl-en Ethernet Link?

I have a 3640 router with 4 Fast Ethernet Network Modules (1fe-tx, 1fe2w & 2fe2w-v2) and a Catalyst 2912 switch.  I can not acheive a link between the 2 devices. All four will not get a link light and the interface(s) show no errors. If I plug the Ro...

Easy queston on IPv6 point-to-point

Hi,Imagine service provider tells me that Gateway my company is connected is ready for "Dual Stack and Native IPv6".My border router is currently running IPv4 only.If I want to keep things simple and establish a point to point connection natively in ...

news2010a by Participant
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