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Hello All, I want to get some traps back from CISCO 2800 router.  I am using the following three mib files.   MIB Name   Version 1   Version 2   Dependencies 1. SNMPv2-SMI Download | Download |  View Dependencies 2. CISCO-SMI Download | Download ...

Hi have a Hub & Spoke Frame Relay set up, R4 - R5 & R4 - R6 are all pinging ok, But if i go R5 - R6 or R6 - R5 they are not pinging each other,I cant get the PC which on R5 to ping R4 nor the Server on R6. I set up OSPF 1 for the Frame Links to see w...

Hi I have been trying to configure a 837 for a while now and I'm finally nearly there. So far the tests run(SDM interface test) and pass on atm0(WAN connection to the internet) but not on ethernet0. I am guessing i need to link them somehow but since...

hello all, im unable to create pri-group unter T1 controllers in 2651xm , I have 3 T1 VWIC controller cards [dual port], tried using differnt IOS [advance enterprise/IPVoice/SPservices], i can onyl see channel-group unter the

m.ateeque by Beginner
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hello all,im trying to enable t1/e1 card on cisco 2651xm ios ver [flash:c2600-adventerprisek9-mz.124-25d.bin]WIC Slot 0:        T1 (2 port) Multi-Flex Trunk (Drop&Insert) WAN daughter card        Hardware revision 1.0           Board revision B0     ...

m.ateeque by Beginner
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I have a couple questions regarding MPLS circuits.    Currently we have an ASR 1002.   There is a spa cardin this ASR that provides us a DS3 connection.  We use BGP as our routing protocol to the phone company's MPLS cloud.   We havenumerous remote a...

jonesl1 by Beginner
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Hello!I have the following situation:I have 4 1841 routers configured for load balancing and failover:                 net 1                    |router1 ------------------- router10    |                               |    |                           ...

I have two different model's of GLC-T SFP's.  One is PN 30-1410-02 the other is PN 30-1410-03.    The -02 will not work in Nexus 5020 or an ASR-1000 router that I have, but works fine in my Cisco Wireless Controller.  The -03 works fine in any device...

Dear All,In my network we have 2 ISPs connections 2mbps from different service providers are terminated in two different routers (Cisco 3845).Now i want to achive if one router fails(ISP down) next router has to up and if both the links is up i need ...

Hi AllI've been experiencing a problem with my existing 3845's that may mean I may have to upgrade to a newer faster platform.Currently I have ISP links to 2 providers and run BGP.  Each ISP link plugs into a separate 3845 \ NM-1GE fiber port. Both l...

Tim Glen by Cisco Employee
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Hi everyone,I just want to ask some characteristics of GLBP1. What is the difference between line-protocol and ip routing in tracking down interface in GLBP?2. By default, I can see that the hello and hold time of GLBP is hello=3s and holdtime=10s. D...