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hi,i have trouble to get the serial card (2nd genteration T1 card) on up/up state on a 2901 router. the SP guy who installed the rj48 at the demarc says it was tested good. For some reason, it is on up/down state no matter what i tried. Can someone p...

kope by Beginner
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Hello everyone,I have been using a route map to pick WAN exit points (PBR) on a 3725 router.  This have been working fine with /24 networks.  I am trying to pick the first /28 piece out of the network and send it out a different exit from th...

mnleblanc by Beginner
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On a 1811 running 12.4 I have the following which I have not seen before. The same identifier is used for an access list and a dhcp pool. The only place that identifier is referenced is under a vlan definition. My question: is this access-group statm...

lcaruso by Frequent Contributor
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I have 15 sites connected via MPLS. Currently all of the sites go through the main location for internet access. I am doing this by using the default-information originate command within BGP out to the MPLS provider. I am also using EIGRP internally ...

Have an FA card in a 7200 that is reporting fluctuating reliability - currently sitting at 145/255 (Then 30 seconds later it is back up to 175/255) - Can ping the IP assigned to the Interface, but OSPF has stopped working (Going up/down(lasting 15sec...

Hi Gurus,Please refer the Diagram.  The WAN is on MPLS.  WAAS is deployed in all sites.The problem - When a couple of users at any office initiate inbound FTP or Inbound Windows File copy from any other office , the utilization on the WAN link for th...

I have a Catalyst 3750 I want to add to an existing stack (same models) through the stackwise portWe use some complex QoS and other features on our network, and I'm not sure how much configuration I need to do on the new switch before adding it to th...

Hi there,I'm new to Cisco products and am currently configuring an ISR 892 without wifi. I got the start-up config working and am now stuck with zone-based firewalling.I configured four zones: private, dmz and internet-static and internet-dial. The p...

it by Beginner
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Resolved! Access restrict

Hi All,In my network we have three 3 VLANS set up on my 3560G switch.  Can anyone tell me how I can allow pcs on VLANS 1 and 3 access to VLAN 2 but should not to othersAnd VLAN 1 should not to get to VLAN 3 or VLAN 3 should not get to VLAN 1.Jopeti.

jopetik09 by Beginner
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hi ,      i have 7 routers in my wan topology. one router is hub(HQ) and rest of the are spokes(Branches). i configured gre over Ipsec vpn.nowhow do i configure them in multiple ospf area so that my HQ router will be area 0 and the branches are like ...

Hello,I am designing a dual local router ISP multihomed network and I need some recommendations on the edge routers and the distribution layer switches I should use in my design. Right now we have two 6509s as internet edge devices multihoming to two...