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Hello,We recently switched from a ADSL2+ service to a 2Mb SHDSL link. Uploading images to our website is happening all day long, thus greater upstream bandwidth was required.Our downloads are suffering somewhat, the upstream gets easily flooded and d...

Ok let me try to explain the best I can, sorry I do not have a DiagramI got 6 companies that are all linked with Site To Site VPN from Juniper netscreenOur 6 compagnies have these subnet192.168.1.0192.168.2.0 (Main Office) until 192.168...

Ratatapaa by Beginner
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I currently have router configured with an internet interface, and and inside interface.  I would like that communication to remain.  Now I adding an mpls connection with 2 vrf's and peering via bgp on both interfaces so something like thisint g0/2.2...

I have 5 Metro E routers with 100  MB links to the Metro E cloud. I am designing a QoS policy wanted some  input  or a second pair eyes to see if the policy I have come up is  suffice as a baseline configuration. see the configuration below:Am  I mis...

I am trying to connect my 3750 to a Service Provider private line. Circut is 100Mbps, SMF.Do you know if the the SFP (1000Mbps) indicated below could still be compatible with 100Mbps? I know there are other GBICs for 100Mbps, but can I stilll make th...

news2010a by Participant
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Hithe company i know wants there voice and data network separate. and they want to use the following topology.will it work, and suitable, what are issues applying this topology. thanks for your advicethanksshameer

Hi,I came across a requirement from our client for loadbalancing between 2 WAN Links based on interface load.I am having 2 WAN links as primary and secondary links. My Customers requirement is that if my primary link is overloaded then it should load...

Service provider will hand off 100Mbps circuit, SMF, 1300-nm.If I get GBIC GLC-LH-SM, is this compatible with 100Mbps circuit?If not, can you please recommend a GBIC that works for this.

news2010a by Participant
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This is for ClassThis is for Cisco CCNA 2When configing Router with 2 subnet's lans' and wanusing pat or natdo youconfig two port on the router for lanaddress that are privent that are part of the subnetandconfig one port on the router for waninside ...

kc0hwa by Beginner
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HiI am doing a comparative between cisco and sonicwall routers.  Which router would better fit me? i need it to support at least a 20MB internet connection in a datacenter and has to have a firewall included.I was thinking about a router 1941. What d...

Hello all, I have a situation in one of our offices and I am not totally sure if its a problem or how it's even occuring - I was hoping some one here would be able to point me in the right direction? We have an office that consists of the following:...

The healthcare organization I work for has joined forces with the local hospital and plans to upgrade/refresh equipment in the near future.  Currently, our network and the hospital's networks work independently but will likely become 'one'.  Our orga...