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Greetings.Are the ISR G2 routers with UC feature pack capable of:1) DMVPN (at least DES encryption)?2) IP SLA responder?The first question is the most important.

Dear All,I have some issue on Card Hwic-D-9ESW with Router 2821, i was install card 9ESW in to router 2821 on slot 2 and 3,after i show run, the Cisco Router 2821 have interface F0/3/0 - F0/3/8.and i configure Vlan already  and interface up also.when...

Dear all,I just recently bought a Cisco 2911 router but got fustrated because it could not support the usual WIC-2T card( WAN Interface Card 2T with serial interfaces). I am thinking of buying a High Speed WAN Interface Card( HWIC-2T) with serial Int...

Well, I'm just having a complete blast doing this. We are pulled the plug on our PIX 501 as its not letting us use all 100Mbit that our cable provider is now piping to us. I read the conversion guide but it made no mention of the 501's. Only the 515'...

Hi All,We have cisco 3825 router with 1 FE card which is connected to one bridged DSL router. DSL router only does bridge function. The other giga interface is connected to the corporate network. So I want to some traffic goes through the DSL connect...

We have a remote office that needs to be connected to the central office through a site to site ipsec VPN.At the central site there is a 2811, and at the remote site there is 1841.Most of the traffic will be VoIP traffic and small amounts of data.I n...

kasper123 by Level 4
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Hello All,We have a large network running ospf, we have not implemented ospf security yet on our network.I appreciate your suggestion about ospf authentication implementation without outage on the network built with 200 routers.Best Regards,-Rouzbeh

rouzbehta by Level 1
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I have a conundrum and I don't even know if I'm tackling it right.Scenario is: I have a network up and running fine with a Server performing DNS and DHCP for my network.It's a 192.168.0.X network.The client recently decided to share data with a third...

Bud Green by Level 1
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Hi All,i want to deploy the ToIP on my WAN and deploy remote Phone in the Remote Office.find attached the diagram, can somebody help me with configuration?At Headquarters, i have a router with FXO cards and we have a telephony system PABX with Analog...

Hi,I'm using a bonded ADSL service in the UK and the router provided by the ISP isn't really up to the task (Comtrend 5361 - needs rebooting several times a day). Is there an equivalent Cisco product? I'm told the router needs to support G.998.1 - AT...

tr by Level 1
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Hi,We've had a kilostream connection installed to provode connectivity to a remote site. At the remote site the connection from the NTE box is serial DB15 male but the other end of the cable is terminated with RJ45. The guys are looking to connect th...