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Hi,We have a customer who has 6 locations. They are connected with metro ethernet (point to multipoint)Their ip blocks are10.0.10.0/24 Site 1 (Main Office) Site Site 310.0.40.0/24 Site 410.0.50.0/24 Site 510.0.60.0/24 Site 6...

Resolved! 887W Default IP?

I just received a 887W and would like to setup using the SDM.I don't know and cannot find the default IP.I would appreciate being told the default IP.regards, Mark

mgregory by Level 1
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I am facing a very weird situation with a certain 876 device.What I am trying to accomplish is to access an internal FTP server from outsideI am setting up a simple configuration (dialer0 outside, vlan1 inside, with or without firewall - I've tried b...

katsulis by Level 1
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We are using the private AS to run BGP in our network.Router B, C and D will be connected to router A. Can Router C and Router D use the same AS number?Router A -> AS100Router B -> AS 200Router C -> AS 300Router D -> AS 300Thank you,

Joe Lee by Level 1
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Don't know know to title this issues so I will give the problem.I have 2 routers ( Cisco 3845's) both running identical IOS's.   Each router has identical 5 networks on it  with one network each being different.I have HSRP set up on the identical 5 n...

logan-7 by Level 1
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I have a Cisco router 877. I am trying to configure a backup with ISDN.The primary line is an ADSL over pppoe. The problem is that despite the primary line fails, doesn't change the path and continue going by the main route.I have a very similar setu...

enric by Level 1
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I'm setting up an 1841 as a basic router for now and I cant get it to work.ConfigCurrent configuration : 1608 bytes!! Last configuration change at 00:29:28 UTC Thu Jan 1 1970 by pcl!version 15.0service timestamps debug datetime msecservice timestamps...

Hi!Is there an easy way to allow specific websites access in cisco router 1841? I am trying to allow a website through access list 102 but not working. I am usingaccess-list 102 permit ip host host i allow all websites...

Hi Guys,Searching for answers on theseHow many SIP trunk can be configured on cisco 3845How many maximum calls are allowed on each SIP TrunkHow to find SIP Trunk compatiblity matrix of cisco with other vendors, my concerns are Nortel / Asterix and Av...

Hello,I have just upgraded my 1841 from 12.4.24T1 to 12.4.24T4after the upgrade the following statement does not seem to workip nat inside source route-map VPN_EXCLUDE pool USERS overloadthe route-map is configuredroute-map VPN_EXCLUDE permit 10 matc...

jurczak by Level 1
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HiOne of our new branch needs to connect to HQ with less than 25 users, primary link would be MPLS and Backup link would be GRE over IPSEC using Public Network. MPLS would be around 2MB and Internet link would be 2MB as well. Users in the branch need...