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Dear All,I would like to know how to isolate in a cisco router which Source or destination takes the highest BW. I can see the CPU table showing IP input as the highest but i cant figure or isolate the exact IP that is causing the huge traffic.I use ...

TRACKME_2 by Beginner
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Dear Friends ,Please give your solutionI have mpls-vpn connection and internet connection from same service provider.Both links are terminated on the same router.Inerface hand off is Ethernet in both casesNow I want to configure a seperate Internet a...

A few years ago I learnt that a port-channel (apparently any EtherChannel mode/config - I am using Gig links w/ LACP), either at layer 2 or 3, must have either 2, 4 or 8 members to distribute evenly across each.  This is separate from the "port-chann...

Hello everybody!The problem has appeared on 7206VXR after upgrading IOS from 12.4(11)T to 12.4(22)T2 - CPU utilization has increased into 2 or 3 times. This problem exists on 7206VXR with multilink PPP configuration on PA-MCX-8TE1 port adapter. It wa...

Hi.In my company we have one RV042 used to switch to WANs. When WAN1 fail, the WAN2 assumes.In resume:All is ok until here. But both WAN1 and WAN2 are LANs that have an specific range in IP address and one getaway each to the internet. The problem is...

Hi Guys,                I'm looking for some guidance as to how I should configure my network for policy based routing using 2 ISP's.  I recently bought a 1941 router to sit between my ASA and the 2 ISP routers (one ISP being the old and the other be...

chead by Beginner
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Hi Netpros,This time i have some questions.> What is the purpose of command "redistribute connected"  & "redistrubute static" in OSPF , BGP and in RIP.> What is "Graceful Restart" in BGP and in OSPF.What these below command performing :- bgp graceful... by Beginner
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We installed two NM-1-T3/E3 cards in our 3845 router today and we've reloaded the router twice.rebooted.We cannot activate one of the cards with the "card" command:border1(config)#card type t3 3border1(config)#card type t3 2Card in slot 2 was removed...

wsanders1 by Beginner
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Resolved! DHCP over WAN

DHCP server---R1-----Cloud-----R2------CAT3550---User’ PC( I am wondering how the user gets DHCP. 1.Between R1 and R2, there is a GRE tunnel.2.the interface of R2 connected to CAT 3550 is configured, no any ip helper command defined.  ...

I have a series of security cameras I have been asked to nat, but with limited public IP's I am going to have to use nat.requirements are camera 1 using tcp inbound port 1024, camera 2 using port 1025, etc   Do I just need these static commands to ma...

gmtimmons by Beginner
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