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We are a ISP .  In our PE cisco router , we received  logs  :.Jun  8 17:40:14:%LINK-4-TOOBIG: Interface FastEthernet1/1/0,Output packet size of 1558 bytes too bigI have refered to cisco teach support . Find a message like it :Error Message%LINK-4_TOO...

levi_zhong by Beginner
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Hi,We have a terminalserver within out local network. The LAN en WAN are connected trough a Cisco 867 router, everthing works fine, but I would like to finetune one issue. When a internal user starts a download (consuming almost all WAN bandwidth) th...

Good evening every body;I create a new vlan with my packet tracer 5.1; and then i put on it 2hoststhen i remove the hosts to vlan 1 so the new vlan 34 is empty==> i want to remove this vlan from my switch listPlease check the picture below

Perimeter Router Capacity Planning: i have some difficulty in capacity planning, or right sizing a perimeter router and a firewall,  yes we do have the recommendations from cisco, that a 1841 or a 2801 are  designed for 1 T1/E1 link, the fact is thes...

Hi Everybody, I bought a wic-4ews for a my cisco 1760, but I have a problem... I configure my cisco 1760 in this way:-On FastEthernet0/0  (on motherboar) connect the router cisco 2800 (of my ISP) . the speed of connection on internet is 100Mb (Test w...

Carachi83 by Beginner
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One of our contractor wants a large range or private subnet. I told him the solution is not feasible as we need to monitor all our workstations remotely. To my knowedge, if we implement PAT, it would be impossible possible to manage internal workstat...

after1111 by Beginner
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Hello,I had some trouble with the multicast (the scheme is in attachements). The trouble is that I can't ping group on SW4 from another router. I found that multicast packets arrive to SW4 (I've watched with sniffer). And SW4 increase th...

kondratev by Beginner
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I have a single host at a site I cannot ping through our WAN interface on the router, yet I can ping any other host on the LAN remotely. This host is reachable and can be pinged locally at the site. When I do a traceroute from the main site, the ping...

jdamone by Beginner
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hi!I've a pair of 3550 sw runnig hsrp. The 3550 distrution switches are the route processor/gw for intervlan routing. If i would to connect 2x 2811 routers to our hq (1 router connection from each dist sw), what would be the recommended or normal con...

dkblee by Beginner
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HI,I would like to know How can we configure MPLS with IPsec backup.Both links to be terminated on the  same router.Both should work in Active-Active mode but whenever MPLS link fails , traffic to be switched over to Internet link.Awaiting your sugge...

dear friends,I have WS-C6509-E ,whci has two Supervisor Engine 32 10GE .Suddenly it hung and customers could not do anything & they restarted by powering off  and after that Iit is working  fine up to now & never know whether it will happen again or ...