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we have a router having two leased lines configure on that but i need to use the full bandwidth of the both link at a time, how i can do itrouter config is as follows:Current configuration : 2101 bytes!version 12.4service timestamps debug datetime ms...

Hi all!This is my first post here.I need your expertise or recommendations on an EIGRP's the scenario.ROUTERA<--ROUTERB--->ROUTERCRouter B is primary forwarding traffic to ROUTER A.Everything works fine.My only problem is this. I have web ...

Anyone,Our local group is trying to develop a formula that will somehow compute the bandiwdth value that will be needed by an application that is about to be develop. From here, we want to know specific questions that we can ask with our application ...

Dear All,We have configured our Core Router 7206 as NTP master which provides clocking to all the network devices (around 3000 devices ) in our Network.NTP Source IP on the router is the GiG Interface, but we are facing a problem on it that the route...

ranjit123 by Participant
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I have some ATM/IMA circuits.  Id like  to verify that the 2901 can support ATM and was wondering if there is the same aim slot that I can put my existing aim cards in.  I suppose not.  What's my best option? 

kardos420 by Beginner
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HiI have a problem with Cisco ISR G2 2911 series routers. One of our clients  has 50 routers in WAN network. All routers are totally new and in function only three months. BUT, three of them are DEAD. When I say DEAD I mean: they have no cooler activ...

Dear All,What is the best practice of the routing for LAN and WAN,Is it OSPF & BGP or EIGRP & BGP?Really appreciated for any reply.Regards,sam

sam_manay by Beginner
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Hello Everyone,I'm hoping someone will be able to help me figure out an issue that I'm having. I'm sure it's something simple that I'm missing.  What I have is a site to site vpn tunnel between a Cisco 2801 and a Cisco 1841 router.  The tunnel itself...

I am going through several devices where static routes have been used and I am migrating them to EIGRP internally. I want to know of a command I can use on the routers to verify that once I remove the static route EIGRP knows about the routes and wil...

Hi all. I have a customer with a 5510 ASA and they only have one public ip address. They need to terminate the annex M adsl on a 877ISR. Does anyone have a sample configuration that will allow me to pass the ip address from the 877 onto the ASA? All ...

mbluemel by Beginner
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hello everyone,i am trying to find a solution to have DMVPN tunnel running between our corporate and our ISP.however they current running protocol between us and ISP is OSPF process 10, announcing internal LAN and WAN IP can i have anot...

Anyone who can explain to me the below tracetcp and tracert that I have gathered. From hop 4-12 show high latency but at the end it shows low latency result, is this acceptable? why at middle show high latency values? Thanks1       1 ms    1 ms    1 ...

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