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Does anyone know if you can have a VPLS connection terminate on a Cisco (3800, 7200) router running dot1q encapsulation on a sub-interface?For instance, a gigabitEthernet interface with a sub-interface configured with encapsulation dot1q XXX native w...

Hi,I want to know, Why do we use WAN protocols instead of ethernet, apart from cabling limitations?Also, how exactly WAN works, like How the router forwards the packet over the WAN? e.g using pppDo WAN protocols also rely on TCP for guarantee deliver...

Hi! I have cat6500 under control and when i'm adding ACL in global config for example:access-list 111 permit udp any eq 53access-list 111 permit udp any host eq 67access-list 111 permit udp any

Hello all.First off, this is not the first time I did this... but it is the first time in 12.4...  and it seems there have been changes that are causing me issues.Here is a sample of what I had done in 12.3 which worked perfectly.<code>interface Ethe...

pbrunnen by Beginner
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Resolved! BPDU Filter

Dear Experts,I expect your help in understanding the logic behind BPDU FILTER. I understood that BPDU FILTER configured port will not send or receive BPDUs. If any BPDU packet is received on the BPDU FILTER configured port, the port will leave the PO...

Hi All I have the follwoing configuration on one of my routers acting as DHCP  serverip dhcp pool 0 network /16 domain-name dns-server netbios-name-server !ip dhcp pool 1 netwo...

seegomaa by Beginner
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Hi we have 2 wic-2T card installed on cisco 2621 router , but we noticed that at a time one WIC-2T card is working we tried all the possible combination upgraded the IOS image to latest ver in 12.3boot system flash:c2600-i-mz.123-26.binwe swapped the...

Hi!I have registered a domain with DYNDNS and I need to give access to a Web server over an ADSL line.This dynamic mapping will still enable to point to the same location even when the IP address of the ADSL router changes.When I ping the registered ...

net buzz by Beginner
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Our proposed setup is the following. We are using the same ISP.Corp RTR---->ISP (20MB)|| 100MB Metro LAN|DR RTR---->ISP (20MB)We have been assigned a /24 block from our ISP and I would like to know the best design to load balance and failover to the ...

Hi, How IOS forward bgp RIB route (inactive) that has another prefer (active) next-hop on ip routing table . Here, I have listed the bgp output. R6#sh ip bgp    Network          Next Hop            Metric LocPrf Weight Path*      10.10...