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hi all,i've recently purchased a RV082, since we needed a reliable internet connection, the DUAL WAN did it for us Unfortunately we have some problems with one of our ISP/Modem and hope you could help.WAN1:- Is via a Cable Provider,- motorola modem t...

ggrabner1 by Level 1
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My network monitoring server went down. Thinks its safe to say that I need something monitoring machines by IP just in case the SNMP monitoring server goes down. Any ideas whats inexpensive and effect?

stonnet72 by Level 1
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Hi there, I have a VWIC-2MFT-E1 card installed on my 2811 router. It brings out this console message constantlyJul 27 09:18:38.615: %CONTROLLER-2-FIRMWARE: Controller E1 0/3/0, firmware is not running*Jul 27 09:18:38.615: %CONTROLLER-2-FIRMWARE: Con...

I have a ton of GRE tunnels in my environment created by the last administrator. I read something about DMVPN in this post, however it seems like the protocol is for Cisco products. Will it work with Adtran Routers?

stonnet72 by Level 1
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Hello,     We will be upgrading our network to include an additional 7206 router this weekend and would like to get some advice on some of the design with BGP.  Currently we have one router with 2 BGP sessions and we will be taking one BGP session of...

I would like to get a consensus about the best way to utilize 2 ISPs on the same Internet router.  We currently have an Internet router that connects 1 ISP via a multi-link across our Serial interfaces.  We now have a new ISP that we would like to be...

Hi,We have a 7206 router in our network.We are unable to do a "wr net" to our TFTP server. It times out.The TFTP server is in the same LAN and we can ping it without any oacket loss but just cannot wr net to it.Here are the debug logs on that router-...

Hi All,I have E1 controller(E1 0/0,0/1,0/2,0/3) and I am facing problem with configured two channel groups on the same.E1 0/0 and E0/2 we can make channel groups on this at any point of time. but except this I am not able to make channel group with a...