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HSRP - 3845

HI, we had a data provider come in and install 2 3845's for us so we could have redundant connections to thier site. They have told me they can give me only redundancy/failover or load balancing but not both. Is this accurate?The way is is set up c...

0jimlong0 by Beginner
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Resolved! Bridging two sites together, but encrypted

Hi everyoneI need to link two sites together using 2811 routers. I have a layer 2 link (effectively Ethernet) between two 2811 routers (using the Fa0/0 interfaces).The wireless link is not encrypted, so I would like to use the 2811 routers to encrypt...

How to determine 7100 installed memory

I have a 7120 and need to determine if it can have more memory installed. The 'show version' gives 229376K/98304K, and Total: 191252512, Used: 170820752, Free: 20431760. Opening up the box, however, show that both DIMM1 and DIMM2 have Samsung M374s...

Snmp Reponse from Router

Dear all,The node is supposed to give response for "bridge MIB table". when we checked the o/p of 'snmpwalk <node>' we are getting " dot1dBridge.dot1dBase.dot1dBaseNumPorts.0 : INTEGER: 0 " what could be the problem

Good Traceroute Explanation

Hey Guys,Can you help me explain trace route in a very detailed way?! Well of course I know the purpose and how to use it but I just need to grab or explain something to our operations group about its output. They're so used to identifying latencies...

Resolved! How to set the time

Guys I'm very new to Cisco so please have patience.I have a Cisco 2620 V 12.3(26) I would like to know how to set the correct time and date?Thanks in advance.

mkingcsnm by Beginner
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Only allowing a few URLs

I have an 831 with IOS 12.3(2) and what I'm wanting to do is to only allow certain websites. I use SDM to configure and its telling me my IOS doesn't support the web filtering. If I update the IOS will it enable webfiltering on my 831? Is there ano...

QOS service policy Vs naming

Dear all,I often try to use a meaningful names for a service policy under interfaces. sometimes, the policy needs to be upgraded. This means that my 10MB_OUT policy for example needs to be renamed to 20MB_OUT.Can this be dealt with in an efficient ma...

Multiple ISP on same Router.

Please refer to the drawings. I currently have 2 ISP providing MPLS Data connectivity. ISP 1 Provides connectivity to SITE A, B & C whereas ISP2 provides connectivity to site D, E, F. The central site has routes for both sites so all sites are being ...

Network Infrastructure to DMVPN

Hello Folks!!.I want to mount a DMVPN infraestructure. I have three remote networks and my central site. I have some cisco routers, the models are 850 series and I have thinked use it like spoke. The problem is that I don't know what is the router mo...