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Unicast traffic

I'm looking for some good technical explanations on what affect unicast flooding or just excessive unicast traffic can have on a network. I know that my network's cam and arp timers are out of sync and unicast flooding is occurring every 5 minutes, b...

rsamuel37 by Beginner
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General Questions - DS3 Router Config

Hello Everyone,I have three general questions regarding our new T3 router configuration.Question 1:The I received the first bit of config info from the ISP:interface Serial1/0ip address pppload-interval 30dsu ban...

iPhrankie by Beginner
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BGP default route selection

I'm trying to determine the best way to prefer 1 default route over the other. I have a dozen or so remote sites and all of them need to prefer the same default route except for 1 location. I've prepended my AS to the less desirable default route a...

WIC-1DSU-T1 LED descriptions?

Hi, our serial interface recently went down and I'm trying to figure out why but I'm not sure what the lights on the card mean. The lights on the card are LP, AL, CD. The LP light is blank, the AL light is orange, and the CD light is green, but bo...

abruso by Beginner
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Cat 2955 Not accepting Break Seq

I am attempting to do a password recovery on a Catalyst 2955 but it will not accept a break sequence to allow me into flash (there is no mode button on this model). I have tried several terminal clients (Secure SSH, Putty, Hyperterminal, Etc) and I h...

Resolved! ACL issue on Cisco 860

Greetings:I'm attempting to add the following access-list to the router and apply the access-group to the WAN facing interface:access-list 150 permit ip access-list 150 permit ip 255.255...

iholdings by Beginner
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IP SLA not injecting tracked route

Hi People,I have a router which has 2 ISP connections into it. I have configured an IP SLA to ping an address out the primary ISP interface and install a default route when reachability is up.The problem is, the reachability status is up, the IP SLA...

877 - monitor how much I download?

Hi,At home I have a Cisco 877W and want to calculate how much we download a month as my ISP can't and I want to see if I can reduce my tariff.At work I use Netflow on a server as it is always on, I thouht about using netflow on my laptop, but I'm not...

whiteford by Beginner
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Route Map - ASA 5540 - 2 ISP

We have 2 ASA 5540's in active passive failover connected to one of our ISPs. We have other firewalls that have another ISP as their gateway. We want to consolidate and run both ISPs on the ASA 5540s. What I want to do is use the IP address' from the...


I have received the above mentioned error message on the ASR1000-SIP10. What is the error and how it can be rectified? Kindly note that it was the first time I had started the box and haven't configured anything on it.The completely Error Message as ...

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