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I wanted to know if DHCP relay is supported on the CCE 520? I believe the answer is no since that feature will require "IP Helper-Address" which requires a layer 3 switch and the CCE is layer 2 only. Basically, I want to connect IP Phones and PC's on...

Dear sir,Iam trying for small lab setup i have cisco 2800 series router in that i have 2port FXScord is there now my set up isI connected router G0/0 to PBX ethernet port in that pbx i have ip gateway cord now iamtrying to configure the router in suc...

Hi,We want to disable icmp unreacheable message on interfaces that no one can see ip addresses when they traceroute..On 7600 router i have applied no ip unreacheables on all interfaces, but still shown ip address when traceroute.

Hi There,I need some help setting up the following,                              ---------- Router 1 --------------------- WAN ----------------- Main site (10.1.x.1)Remote Site  192.168.x.x/24         ---------- Router 2 --------------------- interne...

egua5261 by Beginner
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GreetingI am trying to conf eigrp with unicast over a firewall:outside router:===========router eigrp 1   network   neighbor GigbitEthernet1/0/2interface GigbitEthernet1/0/2desc firewall out interfaceip address 255.255.255....

julxu by Beginner
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Hi, imagine I need to allow only traffic from the following networks: /16 (OSPFDepartmentRouterBGP 100)--------------CorporateRouter (BGP 200)That said, can you please give me a hi...

news2010a by Participant
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Hi,There are four  subnets : /26 , /26 , and last ( )These subnets are from EIGRP and are redistributed into OSP. Following are the cases with different access-list configuration and rout...

The configuration is on ASA 5520 device.WCCP is not working as i can see from the show commands. The router id is -not yet determined-. Why is that? Any help will be appriciated.Global WCCP information:    Router information: Router Identifier:      ...

mrbzumrbzu by Beginner
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helloi have couple of questionsi am useing cisco 1841 routeri have an used router1. how can i reset my router to default settings.2. when i make some changes on my router i svae the changes (write) and rebbot the router but the configuration does not...

Good Morning,I have a 8T1-IMA card that I am using to bond 5 T1s togeter in an IMA group.  After speaking with our service provider they believe that the clocking our our router is not setup correctly which is leading to the ATM circuit not coming up...

jparks by Beginner
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Dear All,             I have uploading a New IOS for 3845 router also i gave boot path.But it's not booting into new IOS & is going to old IOS,also we verified the checksum for new IOS.while booting below error we are getting%SYS-6-READ_BOOTFILE_FAIL...

Hello all!There is a T1 already in place at the main office and they are running in the IP range of (the default gateway is  They have a Cisco router that they want us to configure with a T1 CSU/DSU to a branch office that is ...

Hi,My current setup is as below:PE - Internal Switch - Firewall - DMZ switch - InternetBetween the PE and Internal Switch , I am running eBGP with multiple VRF.As there is a need for some VRF customers to reach the DMZ switch, I have inputted the fol...

noobieee7 by Beginner
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Hi,Here is the simple  scenarioR0---> serial link /30  EIGRP----->R1 serial link ---> /30 OSPF area 0 -----> R2R0 is connected to R1 on serial link with subnet /30 EIGRP neighbor relationship formed ( no -auto-summ...