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How Calculate Load

If my serial interface is showing that the:txload :48/255rxload :247/255What would be the average result from this 2 ?Or the end result if i want to know what the utilization from the serial connection that connects to a DS3 .Thank youVic

CBWFQ versus dWRED

Basically, the way I read the difference between these two is:dWRED moves drop probability into the router WAN interface queueing decision process, where CBWFQ simply states a BW reservation for the entire class and drop probability is striclty handl...

tgurney by Beginner
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need redundancy between two sites

HiPlease see attached diagrams and configs.I have 100M lan extension betweeb two sites,if this lan extension is down THE TWO SITES loose connectivit.I am trying to acgive redundancy here with 20M Lan extension as backup line so that we have redundanc...

CCDECCDE9 by Beginner
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Resolved! BGP, two ISPs, and a Class B

Hello,My organization has internet service through the same ISP, but with two separate physical circuits. We are doing BGP with them and having them route our Class B such that one portion is routed through circuit 1 and another is routed through cir...

aweise by Beginner
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Resolved! Multihomed BGP

I have two different ISP's and two routers that are configured with eBGP between the ISP's and iBGP between the two routers. I am getting full routes plus a default route. I have 2 network addresses ISP A /24 and ISP B /24. (...

S0/0/0 is down/down

Provider says my router is sending a yellow alarm and it may be my equipment. However, if I move this router into my old ckt -located in CKT1 of a 2 slot smartjack- it works fine. The LEC went on site and they tested with the provider and everything ...

Metro-E Site Running Slow

All,I have one particular site over our Metro-E (one of many) that users are complaining is really slow - i can see that the physical Metro interface at the remote site is showing about a 4-5% rate of interface errors and CRCs which is usually speed/...

Resolved! EIGRP over MPLS

Hello, I have 3 offices that are connected to a MPLS network. Each office link to the cloud is a different subnet. So my question is now how can I configure EIGRP if each router is on a separate subnet? The neighrbors will not be established by defau...

bsudol79p by Beginner
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Internet Load Balancing and Failover

Dear All,I have to implement a senerio in my office. the points below explain the requirment.1. We have two ISPs, each link is 3Mbps2. We have one Internet router with four Fastethernet Ports3. We have to connect links from both the ISPs and use both...

EIGRP & looping packet

I have 2 4506E sup2+ connected with a number of vlans configured for HSRP. I changed to of the vlans subnet masks, verified the configuration on both, and now i cant ping the HSRP VIP address on both of these vlans. When tracing & Showing ip route, t...

BeechLiam by Beginner
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Remote site connectivity

Hi Folks,We need to provide connectivity to data centre applications to around 200 sites.Traffic will be always from remote site to data centre applications.What will be the most prefered / reliable technology to provide connectivity in this scenario...

Cisco IPSEC VPN - 7200

Hi, We have a VPN tunnel setup on the above mentioned router to one of our partners. Here is the SetupPartner VPN Router <--> Internet <--> ( Internet Router ( <--> ( VPN Router( VPN router has 2 interfa...

subra4u by Beginner
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Does anyone know if there are any issues with using an ADSL1 Card on an ADSL2 Line?Apart from Speed Issue of couse?

tom by Beginner
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In a nutshell , please whats the difference among BGP peer-group,peer-policy,peer-session.