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i know Route reflector only reflect one single best path to it's clients, is there any method to make route reflector to reflect multiple equal best path to it's client? such as from EBGP.thank you!tom

flyjunli by Beginner
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Resolved! bgp guru

I am trying to impact the incoming traffic on a particular subnet. I have two connections to the same ISP same AS at different locations and another connction to a separate ISP. I use filter list to control the advertised routes and all is well but ...

whanson by Explorer
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Hello,My 2801 router is not booting beyond this point, below is the output.I tried to control break but it not working. I need to restore the IOS, how do I go about this.Can someone please help, thanks.Cisco IOS Software, 2801 Software (C2801-SPSERVI...

sameoj1881 by Beginner
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Hi,I've a question regarding SSH on my router. Right now I have things set up to do pass-through to a server I have on the inside of my network. However, I'd also like to be able to SSH to the router itself but it seems like after setting up pass-thr...

jwynacht by Beginner
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Hello, Is there a way to configure a WIC-1T serial interface to terminate an ISP provided DSL line? I have another WAN site with an 1841, but terminating a DSL via a WIC-1ADSL-DG. Thanks in advance!

bschmi by Beginner
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Hello, I have a DBU to provide failover for primary on a Cisco 871. When primary goes down, external modem is activated and successfully dials out and obtains IP Address. IPSec tunnel is built over DBU, but only for a few seconds, to an ASA 5540.I ...

jbulsara by Beginner
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Hi;I have a 3800 series router with a DS3 interface that will be terminating my DIA. One G1 interface will connect to my ASA. I need to configure this 3800 router into a vircual router so that I can use two other Gi interfaces to serve as a router in...

jkrawczyk by Beginner
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HiI've an issue thats been bugging me for some time, I have a hierarchical policy map applied to an outbound interface, this Policy is shaping traffic to the Maximum circuit rate, within this is a policy map to detail how traffic matching Voice, Vide...

analysts by Beginner
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Hi,in my router there is 64F/256D, In this memory configuration how big routing table can be operate by the Router? How do I know that Memory is getting full to operate full routing table.

goutam_04 by Beginner
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Hi , We have recently purchased fortinet devices for all of our branches. We are new for that. Is there any body has worked on fortinet and give me a suggestions. whether the device is suitable to purchase at least. we are struggling at the device?