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Resolved! Nat for backdoor

Hi all,I'm trying to setup a backdoor to access to a PDU when first link down.I am sure that is possible do it with nat but i can't config it.In the attachment there are a draw of my scenario, the access throght Router A is possible without problems ...

david.sua by Beginner
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I have a 3640 router that is effectively configured on our network as ISDN dial up for backup in case our Frame Relay network fails.My manager brought me a phone bill from our provider earlier. Last month we found that on some days, this router is d...

Hi All,Having received some great help on this forum, I have successfully installed a WIC1-ADSL card in my 2651XM router and am now thinking of getting a WIC1-SHDSL for it. The version of IOS I have on the router is: Cisco IOS Software, C2600 Softwar...

Hi all , i have one 871 router there wan port is not working ,i have done all basic troubleshot ,reset it , cable change but the port is not getting connected,can port becomes faulty or any other?Thanks

mpak12345 by Beginner
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Hi,I've got a message on my 7206 vxr router saying there's a mismatch between my IOS and my kboot (which is indeed the case) and tried to change the kboot version to match the IOS. But I can't delete/change the old one with this new (not enough space...

coletemple by Beginner
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Hi.I wonder that the PBR How it works at CCO as following:"If the packets do not match any route map statements, then all the set clauses are applied."the pbr works step-by-step. for exampleroute-map korea 10 match access-group 10 set ip precedence 3...

syjeon by Beginner
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Following is the configuration of Switching module in router. interface FastEthernet1/0 switchport access vlan 5 switchport mode trunk ! interface FastEthernet1/1 no switchport ip address ! interface FastEthernet1/2 no switchpo...

Dear all,Normally, Vlan 110 is the best route between Multicast server and Multicast client, and so Multicast also follow the best route to run. Therefore, I can see that the Multicast source is from Vlan 110 in VSS. However, If I statically add "ip ...

acbenny by Beginner
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Is there a soft client to connect into a 500 series router or do I need another 500 series router to connect the the VPN. Looking at the product info it looks like I'd need another router. However this would be crazy for traveling employees.

liam by Beginner
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Hello Guys -How are you guys.. Apprently i am having some issues with router advertisements to our MPLS cloud.Diagram : MPLS Cloud ^^^^PE C:PE MPLS router ^^^^CE B: Main Core router switch ^^^^ (point to point ip connection - /30)CE A: Prestag...