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I want to route a specific host ( on the inside network out the DMVPN (Interface Tunnel0) instead of using the BGP network. I have created the following commands on the router:route-map WSUS permit 9 match ip address 150 set interface Tunne...

gizbri by Level 1
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Can someone who knows IOS XR help me with creating the equivalent for this? I have this programmed in IOS:route-map KMA-AGGS permit 10 set community 20115:3000 20115:63004router bgp 99999aggregate-address route-map KMA-AGGS...

Dear All,Please tell me how i can know the serial number of my cisco router by CLI...i used show tech command but its running so fast i m not able to read the serial number....Can anybody plz tell me a short command to get the serial number of my rou...

tiger_401 by Level 1
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I've got a very simple small business setup. In looking for a replacement firewall/router combo, I'm not able to find any comparison of the 500 series router vs the ASA 5505. I know in general these do different functions, but in a small business s...

liam by Level 1
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show atm vpKeys: B = ATM8/0/ima12, Data CES Peak CES Avg/Min Burst MCRInterface VPI SC VCs VCs Kbps Kbps Kbps Cells Kbps CDVT Status8/0/4 11 0 0 1920 0 N/A N/A N/A N/A INACTIVE8/0/6 11 0 0 1920 0 N/A N/A N/A N/A INACTIVEB 18 0 0 30464 0 N/A N/A N/A N...

pramod by Level 1
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Hi all , I am having problem on understanding BGP deterministic MED . When issue the command of sh ip bgp . I can see my internal routes were assigned the value of 150 under Metric .But when , i search in the confguration , i can't see any c...

amacdos by Level 1
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Does anybody know what might cause a Network Monitoring Tool to report that a router interface is over 100% utilization? For instance our Solarwinds Orion Server reports that a FastEthernet connection provisioned for 50 Mbps (configured with a bandw...

I currently have sites with 2 T1 connections to an MPLS cloud. Termed in a single router by the provider. We currently are running IP CEF and max paths 2 in BGP to ensure we are load balancing. We have equal cost paths however, the load balancing ...

rperrelli by Level 1
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Hi all, Here is the topology:R9 <----> R8 <----> R7 When I attempt to ping from R7 to, I get no responces. The configurations are below, am I missing something in the configuration?R9:interface Loopback0 ip address

Resolved! Nat for backdoor

Hi all,I'm trying to setup a backdoor to access to a PDU when first link down.I am sure that is possible do it with nat but i can't config it.In the attachment there are a draw of my scenario, the access throght Router A is possible without problems ...

david.sua by Level 1
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I have a 3640 router that is effectively configured on our network as ISDN dial up for backup in case our Frame Relay network fails.My manager brought me a phone bill from our provider earlier. Last month we found that on some days, this router is d...