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I am very very new to this technology so please bear me out with the simple questions. I have a network all ready set up which is SBS 2003 and a 2 nic setup, an ADSL Netgear modem/router/firewall.I now need to have a link to another company in order ...

Why authenticatiion Default and NO_AUTH. I am totally confused, please helpaaa new-modelaaa authentication login default lineaaa authentication login NO_AUTH noneline console 0login authentication NO_AUTH

We are in the design phase for our new VPLS MAN network.We will have about 60 distribution POPs that will be interconnected through a VPLS full-mesh network.As I understand, the provider's VPLS network is like a big switch with a single vlan intercon...

efgarciap by Beginner
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I replaced the router with a 1750 router with ISDN as backup (T1 primary) I forgot to put backup delay command under serial int (as shown below) the isdn kept connecting/disconnecting within seconds and we got like $23k for isdn bill I am wondering i...

raimj by Beginner
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I have 2821 router and ASA 5520 installed in my university. Task of router is just to pull internet bandwidth, while security ad control is performed by the ASA. Students usually use bypass proxy sites and P2P downloaders to download unnecessary and ...

Resolved! IPv6 question

All,I have a question about how IPv6 is in relation to IPv4. How can I tell, or is it even necessary, to what subnet an IPv6 address belongs to?For example:I know that and are different subnets.I can't find in any documentatio...

Plz find the Attached full configured File in Packet tracer.of my Project;My Intervalan routing is ok and also WAN is ok ,My EIGRP is Working in all building ,My req is that My HOTLINE VAN (BAT_E) must communicate With Ticket Vlan (BAT_C)& both Vlan ...

Hi,If we define two DHCP pools on routers.Each with one subnet but same DNS server IP. But we do not bound it to any of the LAN interfaces. Will this work if there is any DHCP request is received on LAN? If yes is it so that first pool will be used ...