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Error while connecting to the Wireless Router

Hi AllI have the following Wireless Router Cisco Aironet 1240AG and I have a SONY VIO N320-E/W Laptop.It shows me under the available wireless networks and when I try to connect to it it fails and after diagonizing the problem I get the following mes...

Resolved! BOOTLDR question!

Hi - I noticed something that maybe someone can explain to me if this is unusual or normal. Notice that the IOS version is not the same as the BOOTLDR version even though the router has the boot system command.------------------------Cisco IOS Softwa...

WAN Failover to VPN Help.

I have a site that has a single MPLS link to it,I have an ASA firewall out there connected to a DSL internet connection. My question is where can I find a good guide to help me configure routing my router or switch to use the ASA VPN tunnel back to ...

Non-existent route-map behavior

For a mistake I've forgot a non-existent inbound route-map applied to a BGP neighbor and this router has not been receiving any advertisements from this neighbor.So I need to make sure this issue is caused by the non-existent route-map or it could be...

Equipments for T1 link

Hi,We have a site that is connected through fiber to the main office, we would like to create a backup link for a group of user (on a specific switch) to be able to connect to the main office through a T1 line if the fiber was accidentally damaged. W...

Wajma_2 by Beginner
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Resolved! Internet Link - Load-Balance/Failover

I have Router with 3 Ethernet-portsISP1= connected to F0/0ISP2= connected to F0/1 Inside = connected to LAN F1/1Is there a way to make load-balancing and Failover for these Internet Link.The idea behind this is to have Office-executive browse interne...

shut down a line card in CAT os

I have a WS-C6513 running cat6000-up2cvk8.8-4-2.bin and a WS-X6516-GBIC card there a command that I can use in CAT os to shut this line card down before I remove it? or do I just pull it and hope for the best?Greatly appreciate the help!...

ud0508500 by Beginner
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IOS image

Hi Guys,Is there a IOS image that i can use with 3475 router and get SSH 3 support as a feature.ChaoVishwa.

vishwancc by Participant
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Strange trafffic between router and ADSL modem

We have a network with a Catalyst 500 switch and a 871 Ethernet router. The router has been configured ,with SDM, a SDM default medium security firewall. We observe that there is continuous traffic between the router and the internet(DSL modem). I ...

dbdickson by Beginner
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Hi,I have question about NAT and routing NAT-ed address over EIGRP. If i NAT source host on Router A, Router B will see this network as it is and i would like it to learn NAT-ed address so it can return packets for it withaout static routes. Is this ...

Resolved! OSPF Update

Hello,I have site-to-site VPN between HQ & branch-officeOSPF is the routing protocol used between VPN Tunnel.Since I have limited bandwidth at branch-office ; I need to restrict ospf update once a dayI need to know ; how to restrict the updates once ...

load balancing basics and question

Hi, i would like to inquire what commands should i look for in our router to know if we have load balancing? i am not familiar with the configuration and just about to read in cisco - basic load balancing page would be appreciated

edongskiu by Beginner
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