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Resolved! QoS rewrite on ethercahnnel

I'm trying to rewrite all traffic to 0 coming in on a etherchannel. This is how the config looks like.When I do RSPAN and capture traffic for one of these VLANs I can still see DSCP flags set to something other then 0.class-map match-all rewrite mat...

OSPF Failover Utilizing VPN and two T1's

My question has to do with how to failover over between our primary WAN links (two T1's that terminate on the same router) and a VPN tunnel (on a different router) if only one of our T1's go down. The two T1's and the VPN tunnel are running OSPF and ...

bardellom by Beginner
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GUI support

I'm planning to purchase an old router which is Cisco 837-K9-64 router. I'm kind of newbie to cisco and planning to take CCNA course. -May I know whether this router support GUI mode via http or not? I'm planning to use GUI mode just to verify my com...


I've got a VPLS mesh-core of 7609's providing WAN transport for a layer-2 (RSTP enabled) set of switches.I'm seeing some anomalous behavior when rebooting any of the core routers. I'm wondering if the reboot process (tearing down the VPLS LSP's, the...

ISDN goes up and down

Hi,I have ISDN PRI configured as a backup line, with DDR Dialer Profiles.I checked the Admin Distance values: Main routes are OSPF-learned (110), floating route through ISDN (200).Despite of the preferred OSPF Routes, there one host that's still open...

ccnpninja by Beginner
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Rouetr subinterface

HiI have central 3845 router which have 2 default fastethernet port. remote branch location has 800 router. I have 5 ISP for connect different branch. in 3845 one port is conect data server and rest only single port. 5 isp connect in 2950 switch and ...

DSL configuration in 1841 Cisco router

HI All,I am having Zyxel P-660HW series ADSL router. ISP has configured the PPP type in that ADSL router with static IP. I want to configure the Static IP address in my Cisco 1841 router which is directly connected to ADSL ( Zyxel) router. I tried to...

1801 ADSL Connection Problem

I have an 1801 router and am trying to connect to the internet. I have successful connection tests for the ATM0 and FE0 interfaces, but when I ping external addresses from CLI the best return I get is 40% and I can't connect to the internet / ping fr...

Resolved! IS IT The looping

Hi,I am try to ping my remote site, in which we have Site to site VPN Tunnel betwee our result is Reply from TTL expired in transit. & please find the trace result

Interface input errors on 2811

Hi,I have a 2811 router and both it's fastethernet interface input errors are increasing all the time. There are some middle buffer failures but it's not increasing as much as compared to the interface ignored errors. CPU utilization is around 30% on...

dkuan by Beginner
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To many input CRC error on T1 int.

I am getting too many errors(just in 20 minutes) on S0/0 int. The user is complaining of slow connection.. What is the problem? MTU 1500 bytes, BW 1536 Kbit, DLY 20000 usec, reliability 234/255, txload 3/255, rxload 58/255 Encapsulation FRAME-RELA...

raimj by Beginner
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UXME Bandwidth alteration

An UXME card installed in slot 3 had the UBUs allocated bandwidth amount had changed without any apparent reason or manual intervention. The previous configured value was 235 and it changed to 65. Does anyone have any idea what could cause this kind ...


Hi, We are trying to run EIGRP over ATM and for some reason the eigrp neighborship wont come up. Please find the interface details and the sho ver from the router. Cisco Feature Navigator says it will support.Thanks in advance,

subra4u by Beginner
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