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We are using a 16 bit subnet mask in our remote branches.I don't know exactly why it was done this way other than to reduce to size of the route tables.Each device is designated by the third octet of the ip address:Servers = 10.2.10.x/16Workstations ...

when i tried to connect to ASDM the following error occured" ASDM cannot be loaded unconnected socket not implemented" what might be the problem. Before it was working fine.

i have a 1721 (c1700-advsecurityk9-mz.124-23.bin running on it) with strange NAT is the corresponding config.interface FastEthernet0 ip address ip nat inside no ip virtual-reassembly speed 100 full-duplex!i...

admin_2 by Participant
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I redesign my network(which is about 30 routers and 60 switches) in order to be possible to configure summarization(specific IPs in specific places). I use EIGRP as my routing protocol . Does it worth it to configure summarization with that size of n...

Dear Net-pro!plz i want a powerfull links that help me to design/implement/configure an ip telephony for a small company[55 ip phone]2)what's the reasons for rib fialure in BGP Table and how can i start The troubleshooting issuesthanks

alsayed by Beginner
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hi every body! I read that routing table is copied into fib in CEF.let say routing table has following entrys via via s0.My question is if this entry is also present in fib, would switch cef- switch a p...

sarahr202 by Contributor
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We are running a new application between our head office and remote sites. This apps communicates like client/server using some specific ports. The problem is, some ware in the middle of the service providers network these ports are filtered and the...

Resolved! svi for vlan

hi everybody!I just want to know if we have to use" no shutdown" command or not in follwing config:switch(config) vlan 100switch(confg-vlan) name zeeswitch(Config-vlan) exitswitch(config) int vlan 100switch(config) ip address 255.255.255....

sarahr202 by Contributor
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My dad worked for DEC when I was a little kid, so DECnet is hereby deemed the coolest protocol.AppleTalk is second.IPX is in LAST PLACE, Banyan VINES is second-to-last.So in the middle we have XNS and Apollo. I don't know much about either of them b...

Hello,if I want to redirect tcp port 22 traffic from outside to inside, I would do this:ip nat inside source static tcp IP_LAN 22 IP_WAN 22Wouldn't be more logical to use:ip nat outside destination static tcp IP_WAN 22 IP_LAN 22I know that the first ...

Resolved! Null interfaces

Just have a simple question where can I go to read up on using Null interfaces so far the sites I've pulled up are not very helpfull....thank you in advance

wgranada1 by Beginner
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