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Hi all,I've this scenario:client ---Router---web serverI'd like to configure a policy with a class that match protocol http url (NBAR) and apply it outbound towards web server on Router. The question is: does it match only the http request for that ...

cannone78 by Beginner
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flash problem

when i try to start my 2800 router by console its can't start and showing this massege ½ý½ý½ý½ý½ý½ý½ý½ý½ý½ý½ý½ý½ý½ý½ý½ý½ý½ý½ý why?pls help me.

Flash question

Hi all,I think I can do this but I would just like confirmation. I would like to delete the sdm stuff below.....Test Router>sh flash-#- --length-- -----date/time------ path1 1823 Sep 20 2006 14:57:56 +01:00 sdmconfig-2811.cfg>>>>delete2 ...

Allow only certain OIDs to be polled

Hi,We have multiple routers in our network where SNMP servers are polling the routers links. The server is polling CPU and link utilization of customers. Now a days we are observing high CPU on the routers due to SNMP. We suspect the servers are requ...

Resolved! Performance IPSec vs. MPLS

Imagine user in San Francisco connects to New York via IPsec tunnel (Internet):a) If I go via a MPLS network instead, is the latency about the same than the IPSec?b) How about average performance? How many % performance decrease in applications shoul...

news2010a by Participant
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Cisco 877w+DNS Server

Good evening!Could you help me?I need to insert these DNS inside my rooter:DNS Primary: Secondary: the gateway instead of using DNS(primary and secondary) I want to insert this another one: (Cisco IP addres...

Resolved! Line protocol up problem up: cable removed !!

Hi,I am facing a very strange problem in the gigabit ethernet card of router.Even if we physically disconnet the router ethernet cable the line protocol shows up only. If we check show int gig0/1it shows protocol up !!Can it be IOs problem. Due to t...

three links with redundancy

Dear all I have two remote site has two routers.there are three links to connect to HQ.first link is dedicated leased line(on 1st router)second link is using internet(2nd router)and the third link is dialup(2nd router)I wanto use GRE with Ei...

miskoolak by Beginner
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Two serial interfaces, same IP Address?

My understanding was that you could not configure two interfaces on a router in the same subnet, no matter what type of interface.This is true with etherent, but I have two serial interface on a router configured exactly the same and they are both sh...

RIPV2 Unicast issue

guys suppose two routers are connected to each other via ethernet router A and B....router A is conned to wan via dedeicated if i want to deisable rip updates on all possible interfaces except ethernet (which is connected to router B is t...

Is it possible to simulate a VPN in a home lab?

Hi,I was wondering if I can simulate a VPN in my home lab? The equipment I have is:2 x Cisco 2620 routers with 2 x 1 WIC-1T WAN cards and 1 x FE.1 x Cisco 1721 router with 1 x WIC-1T card1 x Cisco 2950 switch1 x Cisco 3550 switchI might be able to g...

whiteford by Beginner
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