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Hi folks,I am starting to migrate our network to IPV6. I am completely new to this and have been given the arduous task of completing it. Hoping anyone could provide some insights on where to begin such as documentations, config examples etc. I have ...

i want to know the different between the Lenes of cisco IP cameras 2500,the coverage and the angle of each lensso please verify this point to me

tonysamir by Beginner
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Start connecting MPLS. I have branch which has 3 links, two of those are in stub area connected to 2 routers (ABR1 &ABR2).When the third BGP link is added (connected new ABR3 router) and redistributes the branch network learned from BGP to other AB...

I have situation where I need to manipulate EIGRP metric BW and delay such a way that after change, composite metric remains same. For example I have BW of 512 and delay of 1000 on interface which turn out composite metric of 40870400/2306560. Now I...

Hey guys,not sure if this is the place, and if not feel free to delete or move, or actually if you can point me in the right direction. As anyone used or run into a company using Primus DSL? And if so what was the quality like?The reason I ask is tha...

Hi,-Users are connecting the servers through Telnet.The servers is in WAN cloud. - We have two router: one router is primary router which is connecting the primary link and other one is a secondery router which is connecting the secondery link.- When...

Hi All,I have the following situation as per attached 'mock setup'diagram.Currently all traffic is using R1 as the primary connection.R1 also has memory issues so I want to move traffic over on to R2 with the minimum amount of disruption the environm...

fhoban by Beginner
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Hello Allaaa new-modelaaa authentication login default group tacacs+ lineaaa authentication enable default group tacacs+ enablewas the lines that I had to enter but I missed the second line.Router asks me an user name and password but it does not acc...

ergonullu by Beginner
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Hi Experts,As our compony is looking for network re-designing by getting Layer 3 Swicth (Cisco 3560 E Series),Layer 2 (2950 Switch) and ASA 5510.please find the attached traditionla network diagram of our compony and sugest me if we bring Layer 3 Swi...

I have IP phones on a satellite network and would like to try cRTP header compression however the network topology is a C2811 router FE interface connecting to the satellite modem.As far as I can tell RTP header compression is only available on slowe...