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Hi, How we can know how much bandwidth is used by EIGRP process on the interface. Like, if s0 has 2 Mbs link, and EIGRP used 50% by default. I want to see the concurrent bandwidth used by Eigrp. Please help.

I have a problem for the last 1 month. I have 2 routers connected with ISDN(2 channels) on a WAN link. When i enable ppp multilink on both interfaces then i have serious problems and the link actually does not work. I attach some of the configuration...

Hi ALL:I have 3 vlan on 4503 switch .When i am trying to copy data within vlan say vlan2 to vlan2 its very fast but when i am doing intervlan vlan2 to vlan3 copying its very very slow.Port speed ,cables are all swapped and changed theer is no STP loo...

vishwancc by Level 3
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Hi there,I just like to know what does the term "EVIL ROUTER" OR " EVIL ROUTER FIREWALL MEANS" and on a router if I want to shut any port, like port 445 for example, should I do that on Accesslist or is there another of doing so?Thanks,Dyep

Hi, I want to configured the policy based Routing of Internet traffic on Cisco 2811 Router. Case Study.1. At present, ISP1 broadband Internet connectivity is terminated on Serial interface of Cisco 2811 router. We will be having second Internet conne...

Hello,A new BT cct across a Riverstone network has been provisioned with 2 cisco devices are at each end. The link has physically come up at both ends, but OSPF will not form across the link. More worryingly I can't ping across the link either. I can...

Please help me for this problem**************************we have a PPP Link .End A 7206 and End B 7206 router.we are implementing the TACACS services on the router B. and tacacs server is residing in router A end. it's validates only tacacs user whe...

hi, My question is that is it possible to telnet router from ASA. I have configured ssh for outside. i want to ssh ASA then telnet my router placed on inside interface of ASA.Thanks

Resolved! BGP Route-Map

Hello,I am in the process of configuring a route-map with a prefix-list for the networks I wish to advertise with my bgp peer. Below is the initial configuration. I am using a 7206 router as the core, with another 7206 as my distribution router withi...

Hello AllI have 2 2811 routers connected to each other via leased lines.In Router1 ; I have Serial 1 with .2 connected to Router 2 Serial 1 with .3 ip addressSerial 2 with .5 connected to Router 2 serial 2 with .6 ip addressip route x...

ergonullu by Level 1
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I have a 2620 here with WIC-1DSU-T1 and WIC-1ADSL connected to the same ISP. T1 and DSL interfaces are on the same WAN e.g. public IPs X.Y.Z.10 (T1) and X.Y.Z.20 (DSL). Gateway is X.Y.Z.1 for both (T1&DSL), net is /24. What is the proper config for t...

dres95050 by Level 1
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Our router keeps flapping with it's OSPF neighbor. I think it may be due to the CEF process. Doesn't this look high to you? Looks like this for about 30 seconds of every minute.DTR01AHVLNC#show proc cpu | ex 0.0CPU utilization for five seconds: 7...