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Resolved! Alerts. What do these mean?

I'm getting the following alerts on my 2851 that are filling up my logs. Can anyone help me understand what they are and how I can correct this issue?%FW-4-ALERT_ON: getting aggressive, count (6/500) current 1-min rate: 501%FW-4-ALERT_OFF: calming d...

cwschow by Beginner
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Resolved! IPsec problem

I configure IPsec AES MD5 between two routers. The access-list is that.permit icmp any any Works ok . After that i configure the access-list as permit ip any any . The remote router do not get the routes from the Hub router. I use EIGRP protocol and ...

Resolved! Tunnel Interface Bandwidth

Hi we have a 3825 router running tunnels to various sites. See the config below: -interface Tunnel4 bandwidth 1024 ip address ip virtual-reassembly tunnel source tunnel destination tunnel mode ipse...

jmoss1 by Beginner
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BGP and backup VPN

I have a minor issue I need help with.We have installed some dsl and cable modems at various remote sites and are running GRE IPsec tunnels over the connections back to our HQ. These are always up connections using EIGRP, that take over if the prima...

Congratulations Paolo

PaoloWhat took you so long !!! :-)Fantastic achievement Paolo and i hope you continue to inhabit these forums for a long time to come. Many people, including myself, have benefitted from your participation.Jon

Jon Marshall by VIP Community Legend
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Cisco edge device vs Microsoft ISA

We have a consultant in who is trying to get us to replace our PIX (we're open to an ISR or ASA on the edge) with ISA. He claims ISA handles Exchange and Sharepoint portal features better than a Cisco devices can.Does anyone know of some good compar...

joeb by Beginner
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Policy Based Routing:

Hi,I need your assistance,I support a kind of network that has two separate links to each site-one of the links is known to be more reliable than the other,There is some particular kind of traffic that is more critical than all other traffic.It comes...

Content Engine 506

How do you copy the log files off a 506 content engine,I keep running the following command(transaction-logs export ftp-server *.*.*.* username password) on my content engine still not receiving the logs on my ftp server. ftp export is enabled and i...

mojalefa1 by Beginner
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Hi All,I got a doubt in OSPF rather simple. OSPF runs SPF alogrithm for all the prefixes including Intra-area, Inter-area and External routes. or It only runs Intra and Inter Area. ?thanks in advance

Bonded ADSL Issue - 2811

Hi AllI have a 2811 with 2 ADSL cards that are bundled using MLLP. Problem is the internet connection frequently (every couple of days) seems to slow right down almost to nothing, I get intermittent connection to the internet and struggle to telnet r...


On my edge routers I have setup traffic classification on the LAN ports and queuing and prioritization on the output (WAN) ports. My question is what do I do on my distribution and core routers to obtain end to end prioritization? We use a lot of vid...

877's instead of 871's

We purchased 877's instead of 871's and now we are stuck with them (long story). In an effort to put them to use, can we disregard the DSL, connect one port to our LAN (for internet access) and get access on the other 3 ports and the wireless?

wshaw8488 by Beginner
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Resolved! MPLS interface

is there any way to configure the router to show the host name instead of the ip address on MPLS connection? like when you do show ip bgp neigh to see neighbor host possible to see on frame-relay or T1 but not MPLS. I'm new for MPLS. any hel...