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folksi have a single internet connection and a 3745 on the perimeteri want to provide some kind of resilience in case the 3745 fails by clustering a 3745 pair so i was thinking the HSRP is the answermy problem is that i'm pretty limited on the number...

Hallo,I'm new here and am looking for the following:a 4 port (load balanced) ADSL to GB Ethernet router, with VPN and firewall. Can you advise me which of your products best suits these requirements?Many thanks,Peter Wild

pbwild by Beginner
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Hi,I am going to install a new cisco 2821 Router in a educational institution. I am 4 e1 ports installed and will get 8 mbps from service provider.When i am connecting to the remote site (Service Provider Network) then my e1 ports frequently gets up ...

HI,I'm studing for BGP exam but I have some doubts on how the redistribution process works, so I would like to discuss about it. Netpro.txt contains the explanation of the issue, and confs.rar the configurations of the small lab I created.Thanks in a...

Marcofbbr by Beginner
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We have 6 new T1's coming in on a T1 card on a 7206. We are having a problem with PPP multilink on this card. Here is the configuration for the multilink and each of the T1s:interface Multilink1 ip address ppp multili...

In an MPLS scenario for a large number of sites spread across globe, accessing the app. in datacenter, packets are able to reach the target gateway edge router but the network beyond that (the datacenter app)are not accessible. What could be the prev...

aksher by Beginner
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HelloIm using a Cisco 1841 where FastEthernet0/0 is the customers LAN, and FastEhternet0/1 is the WAN uplink.When im trying to set the wan uplink to mtu size 1524 i get the following error: % Interface FastEthernet0/1 does not support user settable m...

Leifkaare by Beginner
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Hi all.I have a problem in regard with a international serial link.I connected the serial interfaces with DTE cables on both ends but when I enter the show int serial command on both ends I get that the interface is up but the line protocol is down.O...

HelloI have a problem with trobuleshooting ATM interface errors.On my atm interface i noticed high number of drops and flushes and some CRC errors can somebody help me to figre out what can be the reason of the errors.This is the output of sh interfa...

-cybermen by Beginner
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I've noticed that in newer IOSs(i'm on a 7204 with 12.4(13d)) that copying configs to and from the router via xmodem are no longer there a reason for this? Putting a config to a device via xmodem was super convienient...

zztopping by Enthusiast
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