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Floating route preferred over EIGRP

First of all thanks to everyone who can help, this is the situation: I have 2 6509's (6509 A and 6509 B) that receive a EIGRP redistributed default route from our core routers, this core router receives this default route via BGP from our "internet r...

bravob by Beginner
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X.21 configuration issue

Hi All I am trying to open a telnet connection on port 1998 to a Cisco 876 router (C870-ADVENTERPRISEK9-M) on the same network - 'connect failed'The source device is running W2003 server. The reason for my test, is to facilitate connectivity between...

Monitoring BGP using SNMP

Hi Friends, We have BGP enabled on our networks with SNMP enabled to trigger alerts in case of link up/ downs. What we observe is when BGP session goes Active (but interface is up), we do not get any alert from SNMP saying BGP status has changed. The...

Resolved! Start BGP Advertisements

Forgive my ignorance of BGP. I'm a relatively new Network Admin, and I inherited the network I now manage. We are testing our BGP failover scheme this weekend which uses LP to advertise the routes for our /20 block. We have a /24 at the DR site th...

Possible to Ping but not Trace

Im troubleshooting an issue within my network.I can ping a destination within my routerbut I can not trace to it.My trace just fails along the pathI was under the impression thatboth trace and ping use ICMP packets?

X.21 and G.703

Hi,Any one has any idea on how to get the X.21 running at the protocol level using a G.703 interface.One of our partners wants to deliver us a n E1 with X.21. What do i need to bring this up and running.regardsSubra

subra4u by Beginner
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Policy Based Routing (Suggestion Needed)

I've two 2800 series routers, one ADSL and one Leased Line. Two 515E Firewalls connected to each one. They are then connected to an L2 switch (2960G) for aggregation to two L3 Core switches (3750). I want all my traffic to use ADSL and all my mail (s...

sajjidkhan by Beginner
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limit bandwidth to each customer

Hi all. I have a question that I think may not be uncommon. I have several customers that are connected into my dataceneter. I was wanting to limit each of their connection into our network, to regulate our own bandwidth. I would want to setup so...

jjoseph01 by Participant
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