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I have tried to download a 1000v QCOW K9 (with encryption) image to assess its suitability for a project. According to a pdf found on the Cisco site, we should be able to download it , get a trial license then license it when ready. I am getting "ent...

dears If I have two links , to ISP using BGP will apply Failover , I told ISP that I will split each link into two tunnels but they said it is not recommended at all , specifically using BGP Faliover , they said it may also affect Application is this...

Hi there,We have a ISR 4451 with Cisco IOS XE Software, Version 16.06.03.We are facing with high cpu usage recently.      Average usage was between 1 and 3 percent. I configured bandwidth shaping on 3 tunnel interfaces and after 3 or 4 days cpu usage...

justclash4 by Level 1
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I received the following request:pLease make a Firewall Adjustment to ADD the Following DNS Names for each area: HTTP, HTTPS,, zz.example.comSFTP=Port 22     files.example.comWhen looking at the firewall rules, it lo...

Zydain by Level 1
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Hello, I am trying to port forward one of our servers which uses the IP address to Port 84 on the RV320 router. When I add the port forwarding rule on the router and made sure it was enabled and then rebooted the router. When I type in ...

Hi, Is there a way to do port forwarding only on LAN?Port forward from LAN Ethernet0 port 80 to web-server (LAN) port 80. version 12.3interface Ethernet0 ip address ip nat inside ! ip nat inside source static tcp

pedja by Level 1
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Hello, Cisco community, I am trying to configure Cisco Unified Call Manager and SIP trunking on the Cisco 4321 series router. Has anyone done something similar, who can guide me on how to configure it step by step? Any help would be much appreciated.

Steve4545 by Level 1
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Hi expertsRecently i have configured DHCP SNOOPING & IP VERIFY SOURCE in all the ports of the switch for enabling anti spoofing. It is also working perfectly as getting the IP address from the DHCP server and not allowing the users to assign the IP A...