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Resolved! Archive configs to TFTP server

Hi thereI am struggling to copy running config of a router to a remote tftp server. The tftp server is reachable because i can ping it from the router. Below is my example of what i am doing; first pinging the tftp server:dock-00#ping

mmasenya by Beginner
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Cannot route BGP traffic to next hop

I am having an issue routing incoming BGP traffic to the next hop in my environment. Traffic successfully travels the VPN and I can ping across the tunnel from both the peer router (router 1) and from router 2. My issue is having the traffic (10.110....


QOS Settings

Dear Community,i need little help with qos settings, class-map match-any VIDEOmatch dscp cs4match dscp af41class-map match-any DATAmatch protocol tcppolicy-map QOS_OUTclass DATApriority percent 50class VIDEOpriority percent 25class class-defaultfair-...

m.yildiz by Beginner
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Resolved! C1111-8p bridge or nat problem

Hello everyone.I have a problem configuring the router in question. I am new to using these new c1100 routers and IOS-XE, but I have performed many similar configurations to this with IOS in cisco 800 and 1900 routers in the past.In my company we hav...

Nestore by Beginner
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Vxlan gateways

hi there When creating vxlan between some switches for bridging a vlan over my wan, I have some questions. the local vtep (nve interface) also the default gateway for the clients? Or is that only used for bridging to the remote vteps and you nee...

Applying qos on subinterfaces

Hi alljust a quick question, we have a sub interface configured to my isp on my isr4k The QOS Service policy is on the physical interface, I’m assuming this will work all ok? Or do I need to put it on the sub interface? cheers

Resolved! Cisco 867VAE cause issue with AnyConnect via WiFi

Hi all, I need your help/guidance in detecting the root cause and fixing the issue with Cisco AnyConnect via Wi-Fi. I've moved to another provider and implemented the following configuration: Provider's router (Nokia G-240W-C) in the bridge mode conn...

avasyura by Beginner
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c1111 router licensing

hi  we have got C1111-8PLTELA with ipbase and security license. the firmware which was with the router supported only smart license. because of that we downgraded to c1100-universalk9_ias.16.09.02.SPA.bin. when we check show license, i can see securi...

nareh84 by Participant
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What is the difference between the modules in the ARS 1000 series?EPA, like existing Built-In ports, L3, IPsec ...Is more function available?

Questions by Beginner
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Multiple BGP Instances

I have a need for multiple BGP AS instances on the same 2611 router. Does Cisco support this type of BGP deployment? OR Is there another way to handle multiple BGP AS connections on the same router? Thanks.

mibritzman by Beginner
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