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Cisco Call rsvp-sync

Hi Experts,Anyone know what is this call rsvp-sync for? I have got this in my configuration. Is this meant for the Voice?Thanks in advanced.

cindylee27 by Beginner
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Need Help to get WAN access

Iinstalled FTP server today. Cannot access FTP from WAN. # Here is what commands I did on router. 1) ip nat inside source static 21x.x.x.x (<-- X I hid vlaues for x) 2) ip access-list extended outside permit tcp any host 21x.x.x.37 eq ftp3)...

Question about CBAC

I'd like some help understanding an aspect of firewalling. I have CBAC configured on an ISR. The WAN (outside) interface is configured with an ACL that will not allow traffic to come in. CBAC's job is to allow temporary openings in this ACL for conne...

lost SPA-2XT3/E3 after fabric error

On a 7606 router, a 7600-SIP-200 module with SPA-2XT3/E3 installed lost both DS-3 circuits after getting the error message:SLOT 2: Aug 2 02:11:27.725 UTC: %SSA-5-FABRICSYNC_REQ: Fabric sync requested on Primary channel (2)SLOT 2: Aug 2 02:11:27.72...

Lost OSPF adjacentcy

We have a PIX 6.3 that has been working with no problems, suddenly we lost the OSPF adjacentcy to our edge router. I can see the Neighbor in the edge router and the database has the routes, but they are not populating the route tables of the edge rou...

SNMP Monitoring

Hello, I'm trialing solarwinds to monitor my test network here. I configured the following command on my router: snmp-server community private RW In solarwinds, it asks for the I.P address and SNMP Community String. When I enter the above fields, i'm...

danny9797 by Beginner
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HSRP tracking via IP

There's a way of tracking a remote IP via icmp with HSRP. If this IP is not reachable then it will force the failover. I believe the the way it works is once the remote IP is unreachable the timer starts, the service provider is stating that the time...

jtrumbell by Beginner
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VWIC-2MFT-T1 voice/data config

Hi, I have a 2650XM router with a VWIC-2MFT-T1 which is already configured with a PRI. Here is the config:controller T1 0/0framing esflinecode b8zspri-group timeslots 1-24interface serial0/0:23no ip addressno logging event link-statusisdn switch-ty...

MPLS VPN / BGP Netflow Issue

I have followed all of the configuration steps given for egress accounting with netflow on a MPLS VPN link. However, it is only showing flows coming into the router. I need to be able to account both ways- any recommendations? Config below:interface ...

Routers supporting GRE tunnels

Hi guys,I have to use a Cisco router supporting a huge amount of GRE tunnels (with RIP or BGP running on every tunnel). Which model is the best choice if the number of tunnels is 100? Which one if the tunnels are 400?RegardsStefano

s-durando by Beginner
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