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DTE/DCE DB60 Serial Crossover cables?

So I'm studying for my CCNA exam. I have a home lab with 2 Cisco 25141 Cisco 26111 Cisco Catalyst 2900I can configure the Ethernet ports to work with eachother perfectly, but feel that I need to practice other technologies like Frame-realy.I am havi...

Jemhardt1 by Beginner
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nat port-range forwarding

Hi AllI'm trying to find a way to forward a range of ports through my nat. I know how to forward individual ports with command like :ip nat inside source static tcp 1723 interface Dialer0 1723but how can I forward a range or ports?I'm usi...

Trouble uploading IOS via tftpd32

I have 3 2500 routers that have maxed out memory. I am trying to upload IOS 12.3 via tftp but I continue to run into problems. The transfer always fails when it reaches 14% completion and I get an error on the router.Can anyone help?

shufordm by Beginner
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Help configuring 2 871 routers

I'm trying to configure 2 871 routers but can't get the vlan ports to send anything out the Wan port. The Wan Ports are conected to a 2Mbps Metro-wan link that connects 2 sites and the switch ports are connected to our local lan.Attached is the outpu...

patchmty1 by Beginner
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EXISTING SETUP2 65002 3750 stacked in each floorsuplinks from both core switch to each floor forms link redundandancy using stp and hsrpQUESTION:1. what will i do now to have link redundancy to servers which are to be direcTly connected to the core? ...


I'm using a 3560 switch. The switch is set up with 10 vlans. Devices on vlan 3,4 and 5 are talking to each other through intervaln routing (done by the swtich itself). I'm able to ping devices on vlan 5 from my unit on vlan 4 and data are being route...

Problem with new router

Hi I am with a great problem. We are changing to several routers in our customer. The topology is, internal network <-> to balancer <-> old to router <-> MPLS <-> old router/new to router <-> to balancer <-> internal network destination. We already ...


Hi,I have a 3640 router, when I want change the name of my router I have the following message :% Hostname "CPE-TEST--LLA-01" is not a legal LAT node name, Using "CISCO_90A8C0" , could you explain me what is it means? thanks in advance;Yavuz

ip routing

Help!We recently established a metro link connecting a remote office. Site A is a public network, Site B is a private network. The routers appear to be talking to each other. Site A also has a Cisco 1605R connecting it to the Internet. I ran the foll...

ui1cisco2 by Beginner
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ios selection by features

Hello,.I would to know if have any tool where i paste running-config and based on commands the tool generate a list of features that configuration use and, maybe, versions of ios that support this feature..example: one running config with some tacacs...

alewirvie by Beginner
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Sir, We are having MPLS/VPN from one ISP and IPVPN from other ISP both are terminated on Cisco 2821 (A side)and 1841 (B side)Primary link is MPLS VPN L3 i.e. we want if Primary link goes down,IPVPN Link should work.

etplindia by Beginner
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Router 7507 CEF Error

I'm getting this error while i look into router logs..There is nothing to wrong with memory and router has enough free memory to support such features.*Jul 27 23:17:39.516 PKT: %SYS-4-CHUNKMALLOCFAIL: Could not allocate chunks for CEF: arp throtTo...

jahilnt10 by Beginner
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