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I have an ASR L3 MPLS implementation.  Seems like that after a while we can no longer import export between VRF's.this is working and importing exporting for the past VRF's , but as we expanded and added new VRFs to import into our shared VRF's , rou...

micfan by Beginner
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According to the topology, R1 is hub while R2 & R3 are spokes. R4 is only used for underlay connectivity R1 configuration: interface Loopback0  ip address Tunnel0  ip address  ip nhrp map mu...

I have a problem with an ASR 920 that we have integrated into our becomes unstable as the load increasesyet without traffic it's stablewe've reviewed the configurations and they seem fineexcept that once traffic is injected it becomes unst...

I am having trouble finding a definitive answer and could use some guideance. Max-reserved-bandwidth command no longer exists so i'm trying to figure out how to overide standard 75% limit set by Cisco to possibly 80-85% and still leave 15%-20% for ov...

Hi all I've to upgrade two ISR4331/K9 from IOS 03.16.04b (rommon 15.5(3)S4b) to IOS Cupertino-17.9.3a (rommon 16.12(2r)). The first action that I will do will be the upgrade of the rommon and than the IOS-XE. Reading the content of the following link...

marzi by Beginner
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I have a field network there are core ring with 4 nos. XR router and configured in unicast environment. There is running iBGP with L3 vpn. 2 routers in Data centre and a main server in data centre. eBGP is configured between field routers and Data ce...

Hello. I am learning CCNA. I am creating a test environment. I have a few questions regarding this Verizon internet router.Usually when we connect to the home router it gives the private network however when i connect this Verizon router it shows the...

ankitohc by Beginner
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I have 3 sites on Metro Ethernet connected the 4th site is using a VPN to Head site. Metro E sites are all connected via eigrp to route traffic. What do you suggest how to route traffic from the vpn site to all 3 sites. I am having issues setting up ...

jfeo by Beginner
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Hi Guy i have asr 920-24-sz-m recently I've tried to add it to the network but unfortunately, i had these errors and i don't know why I've tried to update it but it's same could you please help

Hi,Does anyone know if there is a way to change the metric of a Type-3 default route LSA?The purpose is to influence the exit point for traffic in a totally stubby area with two ABRs.Thanks.Sam

Sam-CCNP by Beginner
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Hello.QUESTION: In Nexus 9300, if there exists no route to, why is it not using default route, but instead using route to device originating EIGRP redistributed route for In remote backup datacenter, in the ASA there exists...

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