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Resolved! ISR4431 BDI not Forwarding L2 Traffic?

I'm new to interface bridging, and I have an ISR4431 running 03.16.04b.S on which I need to bridge between two interfaces for two hosts: One interface is connecting directly to a host, the other to a switch (diagram below). I initially configured it ...

joshvogel0 by Beginner
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HSRP + router-on-a-stick for isr 4331

Hello for everybody.We are going to try next scheme - stack from two 2960 swithces and HSRP with two router-on-a-stick 4331. Has anyone tried to implement this a scheme? If yes, please share your experience. We have two isr 4331, which connected with...

kapydan88 by Enthusiast
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Resolved! IP SLA Tracking Static Route for Back UP

Hello Dear's,Pls find the attached,Diagram,I m configuring IP SLA in the attached secnario,I m pinging the loopback on R2 from R4,the primary tracking route is from R3 and the failover is R5 but the failover from R3 to R5 is maximum 8 sec,Can it be m...

GSR 12416-Mbus module fuses

Hello Guys , Could you help me in this ,,,I have a Cisco GSR 12416 router at my organization and the fuses (F1, F2) of the Mbus module were damaged .The capacity of each fuse is 2A/125V but can i power the router up with capacity 10A/125V for each fu...

Resolved! [ASR1001] Boot filesys errors corrected

Hello,When I boot my Cisco ASR1001, I have this message : The boot then proceeds correctly. Should I be concerned about this error?%IOSXEBOOT-4-FILESYS_ERRORS_CORRECTED: (rp/0): bootflash contained errors wich were auto-corrected The boot then procee...

Capture d’écran 2020-09-15 à 16.53.40.png
fabienfs by Beginner
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DMVPN in Private Network

Hi All, We have our own p2p network over OFC and Microwave RF from 1 Hub location and multiple Brach locations. However, we are successfully established secured IPSEC GRE P2P tunnels between HUB and Branch (Spoke to Hub scenario) we have multiple tun...


Hello Fellow Engineers, Greetings,I have a problem with the attached topology , none of R1 and NAT can reach loopback1 of R2 and physical interface as well, however R1 can reach the OUTSIDE LOCAL address check below configuration:-...

Resolved! Tunnel GRE from two router BGP to Zscaler

Hi all,a premise, I would like to make 4 GRE tunnels starting respectively, two from one router (R1 with "tunnel1primary" and "tunnel2secondary") and two from another router (R2 "tunnel1primary" and "tunnel2secondary").In front of these two routers I...

Luca P. by Beginner
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Remote User Connectivity issue

This is my first post, please forgive me if I am posting in the wrong discussion board or using wrong labels.Please assist me in solving this remote user error. I have the current scenario with a graphical representation below. Current Scenario - HQ ...

Remote User Resource Accessibility Issue.png

Resolved! Issues pinging across ipsec tunnel

Hi,I was wondering if anyone could help as to why I can't pingfrom lan to Alan across my ipsec tunnel. Router 1 WAN IP is, LAN ip is 2 WAN IP is LAN ip is I can ping across the wan ips and the...

Gallain by Beginner
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