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About int tunnel

Hi netpro:I have so trouble aboute int tunnel. I can't ping the local int tunnel successfully wether the destination add is local int address or remote int address .the config is :interface Tunnel0 ip address tunnel source ...

jj-zhou by Beginner
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HSRP and RIPv2

Hi,We have a connection to a carrier who has dual routers connected to our network. One acts as failover. We don't have access to these routes but we learn routes to their networks from it. I think they redistribute routes into our network.The pro...

Time Based Routing

Scenario- Country A has 2 connections to Country B- One is Primary and another one is Secondary- From 9AM to 5PM, customer want to route the email traffic via Secondary Link- From 5PM to 9AM , customer want to router the email traffic via Primary Lin... by Beginner
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BGP Redundant link configuration recommendation

I've subscribed 2 links going to the same MPLS provider. My local site AS number for this 2 link is the same. I've intended to route certain subnets on link 1 and some others on link 2, which is a slower link. However I've noticed all subnets are rou...

jliow by Beginner
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Can I Multilink?

My company ordered two t-1 to the Internet and I plan on multilinking them. When I received the confirmation each circuit had a different order number and public ip's. So my question is can I multilink these two circuits together even though they are...

BGP and multiple AS and ISPs

My company has multiple IT groups, AS # and ISP's. Yes, the age of mergers and acquisitions. For simplicity, Company A advertises it's publicy routed network through AS# 1 and ISP X. Company B advertises it's publicly routed networks through AS# 2 ... by Beginner
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Basic conectivity problem

i have a vvvv strange problem......and v confused abt it.....I have three routers 2503 which are connected directly to each other....the routers name is A,B, i have put clocking on B on both serial the link is up all l...

Multiple ISP Interfaces (dynamic Ip)

Hi, I have more than one link from different ISPs (IP Address assigned dynamically), on a 2811 router.Each interface has different cost so if one interface is going down the cheapest interface must take it over. If the cheapest interface is back onli...

switchport shutting down automatically

i have a problem in my base station, the router is connected to a switch and a second switch is connected to the first switch.(with just one cable),i have a client conected to this second switch with a point to point link. the strange thing is that w...

olufunke1 by Beginner
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ATM and T1 Bandwidth

Hi all,If I subscribe a 100Mbps ATM circuit, does that mean that I have 100Mbps outgoing bandwidth and 100Mbps incoming bandwidth (full-duplex)? If So, I saturate my outgoing bandwidth, people have no problem sending traffic to me as the incoming ba... by Participant
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