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How to Start implementation of Routing Protocol

I have to implement a routing protocol in my network environment how to start as i have 3 routers 20 servers 2 pix and few other routers which are connected to me.Now when ever a clients connects to my network i have to define a route which is the be...

Cisco 877 log message

These messages occur repeatedly on a Cisco 877. What do they mean?Apart from POE = power over Ethernet.Is it a hardware fault - returnable to Cisco?Nov 30 12:16:32.948 UTC: esw_dtc_ltc4258_reg_write: no acknowlege from POENov 30 12:16:32.948 UTC: esw...

Strange Error Message

One of my customers has a 3845 router with 12.3 ISP IOS that has been up for 20 plus weeks.Got a bunch of the following messages and there is nothing on the web to indicate what they mean.Here is the error:bad token 0, wanted TOK_NUMBER|TOK_PUNCTAny ...


this command " redistribute static metric 20 metric-type 1 subnets route-map static-filter" is under our ospf command what does this mean?"

BGP New network range not working

Hi,I have 4 routers running BGP through megapop circuit.2 Routers from Remote A, which acts as redundancy connecting to Remote B, which got another 2 routers as redundancy also.A new network range added at Remote A's Routers. But seems...

ahpark78 by Beginner
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ISP failover

Hi,I have two different links from different ISPs, each is terminated on different cisco 2600 routers and used for different services (one for webservices and the other for just internet browsing). However, I want to configure the routers in such a w...

o.oresotu by Beginner
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lab ccie $ ccip

Please, i looking for cost effective material ( router, switch , cable etc...) to prepare ccie RS and ccip.Any suggest 'll be appreciate.


what does redistributing static routes mean? say i have some staic routes configured on the router pointing to my campus network.i have eigrp running on the ATM interface on my router. on this router if i redistribute static routes in eigrp will eigr...

j.tandel by Beginner
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GRE & IPSEC Tunnel

Hi, What is the difference between GRE and IPSEC tunnels? And in which scenarios do we use them?Also, are the Crypto features only on IPSEC Tunnels?Appreciate your responseThanks Navneet

Filtering Eigrp routes

Can somebody tell me the correct way to filter routes from remote sites to a hub site? I have numerous remote sites that have only two or three networks. I want to advertise only those networks to the hub site. I want to filter incoming routes so ...

meinanut1 by Beginner
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