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Frame Relay Inteface Type's?

I was wondering how the multipoint (or any other interface type) gets attached to the end of the interface (in the example below). Is this something that the router does automatically?interface Serial1/0.1 multipoint ip address 255.255.255...

schadmin by Beginner
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Issues with async connections to con 0

hi I have a few routers in a lab and have async connections to their con 0 port for a 3745 with an 8 port async card.the config in the lines and con 0's is as documented on CCO.When i am telnetted thru the 3745 onto the con 0's I keep getting spuriou...

Resolved! BGP Load Sharing & Balancing - 2 AS's (ISP's) 3 links

Currently I have 2 DS3's to two different providers (ATT & Broadwing). I am turning up a third circuit which is an OC-3 to ATT (AS 7018). Right now I am using AS-Prepending on my /24's to successfully balance inbound traffic on the two DS3's. However...

jradke by Beginner
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Span Port

Here is my config.interface GigabitEthernet1/0/1 description RECORDING_SERVER switchport access vlan 110 switchport mode access spanning-tree portfastmonitor session 1 source vlan 110 - 121monitor session 1 destination interface Gi1/0/1 ingress untag...

Issues with 32 bit mask on Wan link

HiI am trying to setup two 877 routers so that they talk to each other over GRE/IPSEC . However I need to be able to set my ATM0.1 (Dialer0) to static rather that assigned so that I can then setup the tunnel. However whenever I try to add the Public ...

openipltd by Beginner
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Dual Internet on 1841 and static routing

I've got an 1841 with two separate Internet connections via separate ISP's, one using fe0/1 and the other using ser0/0/0. fe0/1 currently provides all Internet including two L2L VPN's and all general Internet via NAT overload using fe0/1 IP. With s...

2691 High kbps hits on Null0 interface

Hi,I'm running Solarwinds Real-Time Interface Monitor, in which I am monitoring one of my remote routers, which is a 2691 VPN bundled device. I'm troubleshooting high latency issues which is hurting my site to site Microsoft exchange connector. Suppo...

jkrawczyk by Beginner
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Resolved! Interfaces with cables

Hi for all,I've a router Cisco 2801 and the service from the provider is Digital Leased Line (i.e. D.L.L) and another router (Cisco 2801) has a DSL.So, what are the interfaces that going to attach with two routers.Note: the purpose for these scenario...

Cisco 1841 Router- T1 Speeds

My question is simple, will a Cisco 1841 router support 2 T1s sustained? Cisco's tests were based on multiple services (QoS, ACLs, IPSec etc)running to determine it's rating of supporting 1 T1 sustained, but I need to know can it handle 2 T1s running...

sgray by Beginner
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Resolved! Merging two Networks

Hello All,My company has acquired a smaller company that has a Fios connection and Sonicwall 2040 as their sole connection. They are utilizing an address scheme of 10.0.0.x. My network uses a 192.168.x.x network and BGP/IPFR to network all of the r...

Remote office turnover from 1700 to 2800

I have some remote offices that are going to have a 2nd T1 line installed which will be used strictly for video conferencing. I know that the 2800 series will support video but will the older 1700 series routers support high speed video conferencing...

Resolved! 2811 specification

Hello All,Does anyone know if I can use the Cisco 2811 router as a layer 2 switch only? I need to replace Alcatel OmniAccess 512's in a network (these are LAN/WAN switches - 12 x 10/100 tx LAN ports and frame-relay over 2 x E1/T1 WAN ports ).I was th...

johnnyapps by Beginner
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Dear Sir,I have two IOs images in disk2 of 7206VXR . I want to boot the router with second image which is stored in disk2 . I have already tried boot system flash disk2: IOS.bin command & bootldr but is not working Help on same Aman

amansoi_5 by Beginner
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